Фанаты подозревают у Аллы Пугачевой дистрофию
Diva celebrated its annual festival “yellow flowers”.

Фанаты подозревают у Аллы Пугачевой дистрофию

Alla Pugacheva with IDA Dustman and Alexander Buynova

Photo: @idadostman Instagram

Alla Pugacheva threw a party at the karaoke club Philip Kirkorov. For many years the first Sunday of spring, the prima Donna with friends and family celebrating the holiday of “yellow flowers”. Traditionally, on this day, Alla officially “allows”spring.

Although winters in the capital and yet does not think to retreat, a Diva and her guests dressed for the occasion in spring. Mistress of the party, met friends on the verge of “Philharmonic” in mini shorts while showing off slender legs. Not without criticism in the Network: many thought that thinness Alla looks painful. “This is the diagnosis. Dystrophy”, — write fans on the Network. Fans remember the recent rumor that Alla Borisovna has made resection of stomach and began to discuss the “terrible” consequences of the operation. First, Christina Aguilera yesterday denied rumors of surgery, and, secondly, Pugacheva looks too thin just for one photo. In other shots she’s definitely not similar to the person with the diagnosis dystrophy.

Olesya Sudzilovskaya, Nikolay Baskov, Jasmine and Maxim Galkin

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Along with the Diva, the spring met: the husband of actress — Maxim Galkin children Lisa and Harry, Philip Kirkorov, Alexander Buinov, Olesya, Sudzilovskaya husband, Tatiana Navka with his family, Kristina Orbakaite with her daughter Claudia, Jasmine, Nikolai Baskov, Nikita Presnyakov with his wife Alena and other guests.

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By the way, while the adults had fun playing the hits of different times in karaoke, the younger generation was lit on the dance floor. Between Claudia, Lisa and Hope the Sand turned a real dance battle. The children are so enthusiastic about demonstrating their talents that did not pay much attention to a huge cake in the form of easel, which ended the occasion. At the end of the night Alla Pugacheva with the guests chanted the phrase “spring solve” and went to the Parking lot to cars, covered with snow.