«Меня охватила паника!» На Ольгу Серябкину напал фанат
The soloist of the group SEREBRO told about the incident during a concert.

Photo: Instagram

Olga Seryabkina said the attack, which happened during the concert. The singer was silent about the incident until, until I found out how her friend and colleague — DJ Smash the beat in one of the Perm clubs because he refused to be photographed with a fan. Such stories almost every artist, alas, the “piggy Bank” a lot.

“Recently a situation happened that greatly frightened me, — said Olga. — On one of our shows from the crowd jumped the man and started climbing the stage. Most of all I was knocked off balance, literally and figuratively, he firmly grabbed my leg and started to drag down. Almost immediately ran security — and at that moment he grabbed me even stronger. I was totally lost. I felt instant panic, in my head flashed the thought that he might have something in his hand… Despite the fact that we always have the closest contact with the public that we are striving to create… Personally, I have always wanted to reduce the distance between us. But now I have some fear, I don’t really want one person changed my attitude to what I was building for a very long time. How I relate to the audience and feel on stage. Unfortunately, people sometimes come to the concert to have fun, and to vent their rage and dirt. If you see that someone needs help, please do not pass by. You might save someone’s life. Despite what happens to us, there is always someone who will support us and help.”

At the end of his monologue, Frank Seryabkina turned to Smash. She said, “You’re alive — and this is important. I know you will overcome everything. I’m with you”.