“I love strawberry!” Button “blew up” the Network provocative photo in a swimsuit

«Обожаю клубничку!» Пуговка «взорвала» Сеть провокационным фото в купальнике
Fans frustrated that Katya Starshova from “Daddy’s daughters” is all grown up.

Katia Starshova

16-year-old Katya Starshova last
time publish in his microblog pictures that some fans
is controversial. Talking about images, where the actress posing in
open outfits or bathing suits. Fans of “Papa’s daughters” I can’t
to realize that Kate is not a girl, everywhere carries around a Teddy bear
A bagel, and quite a big girl.

The last picture at all
shocked subscribers Starkovoy. It Kate posing in swimsuit, tongue hanging out and a hand in the corner of the frame and gives the girl
strawberries. “I love strawberry!” signed photograph Starshova. “Button
come back! This is strawberries! Careful, dude, she’s only sixteen! Photo 18+” —
they said.

Other members of the blogosphere,
on the contrary, was outraged by such comments. “How concerned, it’s just
photos in swimsuit. Your imagination makes Kate a sexual object and it
sad! Kate just having fun and all! What kind of sex is there? People, you are on the beach in
the coats go?” — lamented Internet users. One was solidarity and those and
other: every year in kata Starkovoy harder to get to know a fun girl
once humilevskyy half the country is ridiculous and naive statements.

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