I learned from the news: Igor Vernik commented on the accident

Узнал из новостей: Игорь Верник прокомментировал происшествие с автомобилем
The actor laughed at the loss of large sums of money.

Igor Vernik

Photo: @Instagram ivernik Igor Vernik

Recently, the media reported that Igor Vernik, the center of the capital was stolen from an expensive car license plate. It was reported that the incident with the malicious activity occurred in the morning in the Parking lot, where the artist left his car. Later came the details of what happened: allegedly, from the interior of the car was also stolen a large sum of money.

Igor over the incident just laughed… why? Because, according to Wernicke, none of the above took place with him. The artist, hearing the news about “the incident”, he hastened to refute the spread false news.

“Friends, comrades, today, the media, different social networks, information appeared that my car was removed rooms, and then stole that car, then stole a large sum from the car, then he stole something, not exactly a car but something similar to a car… Honey, all right!” — commented wernick.

Recall since the first of September, son of Igor, Gregory will begin his studies at the School-Studio of MKHAT. The young heir artist decided to follow in the footsteps of his famous father, who approved his son’s choice.