Sometimes lawyer Katya Gordon writes songs, and very successfully.

So, she worked closely with Ani Lorak, writing several hits for her. However, according to the author, the performer was not grateful enough and did not mention her at all when receiving numerous awards. Instead of Gordon, Ani for some reason thanked Philip Kirkorov from the stage. hoped”: Katya Gordon complained that Ani Lorak did not thank her from the stage” />

“It was the best song. But Ani Lorak nevertheless received golden microphones and gramophones for her. And she, by the way, called me and said: “Thank you, cool!”. And I am grateful to her for that. I really hoped that I would be mentioned when they received the prize. Sat and waited. But Ani Lorak, receiving the Golden Gramophone, for some reason said thanks to Philip Kirkorov, as if he wrote the song, ”complained Ekaterina.

She also cited Western countries as an example, where, during the receipt of statuettes, performers thank and name all those involved in the project, including technical workers. Well, we have, they say, a different society – the artist hides the author and does not want to share it with colleagues.

“I remember how pleasant it was when you walk around the city, and from all the irons, without exception, the song “Take Paradise” sounds, – nostalgic Gordon.

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