Нашелся новый «настоящий отец» принца Гарри
Reporters revealed another possible lover of Princess Diana.

Mark Dyer and Prince Harry


The appearance of Prince Harry
which is quite similar to his legal father of Charles, and not inherited
my mother’s facial features, has always been a source of gossip. No wonder somebody to
still believes that the real father of the Prince — not the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth and the other person. However, recently the gossip
changed candidate for the role of father to Harry. Previously, they claimed that the Prince’s son officially
an acknowledged lover of lady Diana, James Hewitt. However, the candidacy of Hewitt disappeared
after that, in an interview that he gave in March last year, denied
from his “fatherhood”. And now a new contender for the role of the father Harry became
another officer who served in the Palace — mark Dyer. This version was shared on
the reporters of the newspaper the National Enquirer.

That Dyer really
played a significant role in the life of Prince Harry, has been known for a long time. After the death of
Diana mark is very much engaged with the little
Harry, and he once even called him “his second father”. Interestingly, Dyer,
after he left the service in the Palace, has been invited to the event
with the participation of members of the family of the Queen. Mark, in turn, called out to his already
grown-up at the time favorite Harry, for his own wedding. However, Harry
and mark had a relationship outside of official events.

And at the moment, Dyer
turned out to be the center of attention due to the fact that he was one of the first
invitation to the coming wedding of the Prince and Meghan Markle. But this honor the Prince could only honor
very close! After that, all drew attention to the fact that Harry
like Mark much more than his official father Charles. And soon appeared and the witnesses that were
I swear, if Dyer was also a lover of the unhappy marriage of lady Diana,
which sought solace in the arms of other men… So theoretically it
could be the dad red-haired Prince.

Of course, this is just
hypothesis. However, once and for all dispel doubts as to whether Charles,
in fact, the father of Harry, is hardly possible. As the Queen had previously refused to give permission for the test
on fatherhood, saying that she had no doubt the origin of the younger
brother of William, and she believes such examination meaningless and irrelevant.