“I don’t understand why Kim Kardashian is still with him: a bodyguard of Kanye West on the complexity of the rapper

«Я не понимаю, почему Ким Кардашьян до сих пор с ним»: телохранитель Канье Уэста о сложном характере рэпера

A former bodyguard of Kanye West, which the artist was fired for talking to his wife, Kim Kardashian, spoke about the difficulties of working with the star.

42-year-old Steve Stanulis (Steve Stanulis) — a former police officer and professional bodyguard who has worked with Leonardo DiCaprio (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Tobey Maguire (Tobey Maguire). Stanulis also collaborated with American rapper Kanye West (Kanye West), which in may of 2016 fired him in a short conversation with Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian) on the eve of the Met Gala in new York.

Earlier in interview Daily Mail Steve already told me about the incident, because of which the musician fired him before the Ball costume Institute he went to the room of the wife of rapper Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian), to clarify any changes they have plans for the evening. Suddenly from the corner came out Kanye, silently walked past the bodyguard to his room and closed the door on him. After a few minutes, Steve called one of the assistants of the rapper and said that he was fired. The former bodyguard said that it was not the first time such a strange behavior of Kanye West. In February 2016, when Steve first started working with the couple, he walked up to Kim to greet her, however, and this fleeting conversation was not liked by the artist.

In an interview with the Sun he revealed new details work with Kanye West. According to him, the husband of Kardashian does not allow service personnel to wear only simple black color odejdu and never presses the button on the Elevator.

“When we first met in his recording Studio, he just went into the Elevator and stood with his arms folded on his chest,” says Steve. — Then he asked: “You are not going to push the button?” I replied that I had never been here before, so you can’t tell what the floor needed. He flipped out and couldn’t believe that I did not specify in advance what floor he works. I explained to him that there are three ways out of the situation: either he tells me the floor and I push the button or he presses the button, or we just standing in the Elevator. He chose the former”.

Among other defects, the rapper’s former bodyguard also calls rudeness, selfishness and indifference to the people who work for him. Steve Stanulis also notes that the rapper never says Hello with his guards and doesn’t like it when guards appear with him in photographs, and also angry, if he opened the door. “One of the guards accidentally touched his shoulder when paving his way through the crowd of paparazzi. He was just doing his job, but Kanye was mad at him and said, “Never touch me”. After a couple of hours they called me with the request to dismiss the guard.”

“Once I looked after the little daughter of Kanye and it was much easier and more pleasant, than to accompany her father. It is ten times worse than it may seem at first glance, — said Canalis .— Kanye West have so many things in life. He should be thankful to those people who care about their safety and comfort.

“I don’t understand why Kim is still married to him. I worked with him for two weeks and was already impressed by his behavior. Imagine what it means to spend with him a whole year?” added Steve Canolis.

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