«Я на себе не экономлю и никогда этого не делала», — Жанна Бадоева рассказала о себе

Famous TV host and traveler Zhanna badoeva openly talked about his marriage, relationships with children and perception of itself.

«Я на себе не экономлю и никогда этого не делала», — Жанна Бадоева рассказала о себе

Televeduschaya gave an interview to the Russian edition Woman.ru.

— Work in travel-show involves the frequent absence of the house. How have you built relationships with spouse and children that they normally react to what you are not home?

It’s all very simple: my husband was the producer of “the Lives of others” and engaged in the program with me. Sometimes we together go to the shooting, all the time, — said Zhanna badoeva.

We know many stories when the couple, each pursuing his career, in the end disagreed, because just got used to living separate lives. Not afraid of such a scenario?

I am not afraid, and not even because we work together now. I will say more: even the common work separates loved ones, because the ambition of one pulled ahead and demolished everything in its path, including relationships. We are comfortable with each other, we work together, all their free time together. We are together fun!

What do you like about your spouse, and that terribly annoying?

Basil — the great soul of the people: when we first met, he didn’t want to be like me, and just was myself. Oh, and as for terrible… you Know, it’s impossible to quarrel, and I was sometimes very annoying (laughs).

If you try to measure yourself by: do you think that you are a good wife?

I am the perfect wife, with me easy to negotiate. This is not my opinion, say so (smiles). Everyone was happy with me.

What you are in life? Share with spouse, domestic responsibilities?

In one interview I was once asked about the secrets of a successful marriage. And one of the important points I have called the division of responsibilities at home, but not by gender — male and female. For example, cook the soup. In our family it’s not my responsibility, and not Vasina. Who first returned home, who was at that time, and prepared. And so in all. Of course, if broken shelf, the husband will fix it, but otherwise we stick to this rule. Same with me. If you need something to do around the house, I’ll do it, and my thrift has nothing to do with it.

Help you children at home?

Of course! Lolita is old enough, so maybe my Breakfast to cook, and the room safely removed. Boris doesn’t live with us, he’s an adult and independent man, who himself provides.

Would like to be a mom again?

If you believe what you read on the Internet, I have many times been pregnant that long could easily wear the title of mother-heroine (laughs). I have realized yourself in this role, but time will tell.

Can you call yourself beautiful?

I refer to your appearance and really understand that are not the standard of beauty in the conventional sense. But I like myself, I love myself and would never have wanted something to change.

You save yourself?

I for myself do not save, and never did. I earn enough, so does not make sense to deprive yourself of something. I have my weakness — I love to dress up, buy clothes. Before even collecting shoes and each trip brought a few pairs. I like to take care of, so I often buy cosmetics

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