The singer's life could have been completely different.

The path of Vera Brezhneva to fame was not that thorny, rather tortuous. “Calculated the braking distance of the locomotive”: Who should have been Vera Brezhneva, if not for “VIA Gra” />

Dumpling Vera grew up as a clumsy and unsightly girl and her school photos, where she was 17 years old, at one time excited her fans. This woman in the pictures was given no less than 30, although she was only a schoolgirl.

Immediately after school, an awkward and plump girl struck up a relationship with a local businessman Vitaly Voichenko, who was 9 years older than Vera. The man began to support Galushka and pay for her education at the Faculty of Economics of the Dnepropetrovsk Institute of Railway Transport, where, according to Vera herself, she already “calculated the stopping distance of the locomotive in her first year.” Especially such work was combined with her name.

And what, “Verka is a conductor,” sounds very funny.

However, then life changed. The future artist became pregnant from her sponsor and gave birth to a daughter, Sonya. But the relationship did not work out and the couple broke up.
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