Hvorostovsky and Lazarev was dragged into the scandal with the theft of 12 million

Хворостовского и Лазарева втянули в скандал с хищением 12 миллионов Against fraud filed two criminal cases. According to media reports, the leaders of the Krasnoyarsk regional Philharmonic was engaged in illegal activities for several years. During this time, they organized performances by Dmitri Hvorostovsky, and Sergei Lazarev and Oleg Gazmanov.
Хворостовского и Лазарева втянули в скандал с хищением 12 миллионов

For several days in Krasnoyarsk region is booming in a scandal involving the names of famous artists. In late October, the investigative Department of the FSB instituted criminal proceedings against the Deputy Director and General counsel of the Krasnoyarsk Philharmonic.

It turned out that the administration deliberately inflated prices for tickets to three or four times. Within two years of the operation of criminal schemes, the fraudsters managed to steal about 12 million rubles. During this period, the Philharmonic was organized the concert of Dmitri Hvorostovsky, Sergei Lazarev and Oleg Gazmanov.

A few days later, the General Director of the Philharmonic Julia Kulakova she came to the police station, where he confessed to the fraud.

“Until she is officially in office and on vacation, the measure of restraint will be chosen next week”, – said the representative of FSB in Krasnoyarsk region Marina Moiseeva.

November 16 against Kulakova and her two assistants had opened two criminal cases. According to the FSB, famous actors did not even know about a possible fraud.

Many fans of the stars were quick to stand up for them in a difficult situation. They noted that artists perform for a fixed fee and often do not even know at what price the tickets are sold. “I hope the case goes to court. This is disrespect to the singers and the audience”, “Repeatedly visited the Philharmonic. Impressions the most negative people there are scornful”, “Yeah, what does not earn”, – shared his opinion the residents of the Krasnoyarsk territory.

As it turned out, in the summer of 2015 on the orders of Julia Kulakova was a registered firm that allegedly provided services for concerts, according to information from the sound and lighting at events. It was the Deputy Director of the Philharmonic society organized a performance of Dmitri Hvorostovsky in 2016, which never took place due to the illness of the artist.

Only from the accounts of the Philharmonic society in collaboration with shell Corporation was derived more than ten million rubles. According to the information portal “NGS. News” criminal cases will be transferred to the court, and Kulakov waits for either a large fine or arrest for up to six years.