Hvorostovsky about the fight against the disease: “Sometimes nothing can not and do not want”

Хворостовский о борьбе с болезнью: «Иногда ничего не можется и не хочется» For two years the artist bravely fighting the illness. Despite the serious diagnosis, Dmitri Hvorostovsky, trying not to give up, although sometimes even he has moments of weakness. The actor also admitted that every concert becomes a challenge.
Хворостовский о борьбе с болезнью: «Иногда ничего не можется и не хочется»

In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, the media spread the terrible news of the death of Dmitri Hvorostovsky. Later it was denied close to an Opera singer – Director, friends and wife. The wife of the artist was outraged inaccurate information, which was reprinted journalists. Hvorostovsky himself, told reporters the artistic Director of “Helikon-Opera” Dmitry Bertman, did not make a scene about publications.

Each Hvorostovsky on his death: “It is not true, in stable condition”

Soon Hvorostovsky will celebrate the birthday. Monday, October 16, people’s artist of Russia will be 55 years old. On the eve of important dates Dmitry has shared with journalists his plans, and openly spoke about the difficult test, which fell to his share. In the spring of 2015, he bravely struggles with a serious illness – cancer of the brain. Hvorostovsky is trying not to give up and admit that she is no longer afraid.

“It’s hard [to live]. Very. But I noticed that the feeling of fear in such circumstances is completely atrophied. Comes the understanding that no one can help you. Only you yourself. And the main thing – not to give slack. Here only the will and the patience of your loyal allies”, – shared the singer.

Before the New year Hvorostovsky hopes to play a concert in Moscow. The artist is going to go on stage with the songs “Amateurs” together with the pianist Ivari Ilya. According to Dmitry, with these compositions he related, “the most wonderful memories of the 90s years.” “Dark eyes” became one of the first recordings of music stars.

Хворостовский о борьбе с болезнью: «Иногда ничего не можется и не хочется»“Then I had the perfect accompaniment – the Orchestra named Osipov Nikolai Kalinin. The orchestra sounded like the ocean! He inspired me, I’m a believer in this program, believed in himself. It was an amazing time! Now I chose this program, because this music is very love my parents. Therefore, I treat with special reverence”, – said the artist.

Hvorostovsky said that he does not stop doing things you love. The singer said that the voice – “not always a predictable thing,” but lately he has not been let down. Their performances the artist calls a check.

“I do every day, overcoming difficulties and doubts: will I be able to re-start to work? And I say to myself: I CAN! I’m still not giving up. Today I’m a speech before the public – a litmus test, a test of yourself, of your voice, which can sound new even in spite of your physical condition,” said the man.

The famous singer no longer sings in the Opera. Hvorostovsky hopes that his health will allow him to give master classes in London and continue to play, but sometimes serious illness still takes its toll and the artist to temporarily give up.

“Although sometimes, the disease occurs so that I can not, do not consider and it seems that do not want to. So now, for me, every concert is a summing up”, he said.

Previously, Dmitry was going to go on tour across Russia and the world. However, the disease put his plans into question. Hvorostovsky had intended to present to the public a new version of “Sail Russia” Georgy Sviridov. The actor also admitted that he was arguing with his nephew of the composer. Relative Sviridov publishes his memoirs, which seems Hvorostovsky invalid. The singer does not keep personal diaries.

“Why? If what I want is people to know and remember my voice and not read fables and gossip around my name,” he said.

In recognition of Hvorostovsky, in recent years his circle of communication was considerably narrowed. Colleagues who rarely meet with a man because of the strong employment, trying to maintain his distance. They leave star warm wishes. However, he Hvorostovsky is not always willingly goes on contact. “Now I don’t want to see a lot of people, especially when I feel bad. However, to large companies, I’ve never been inclined. And now I became an absolute introvert,” added the actor in an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, noting that he was encouraged “only children”. However, Hvorostovsky is very difficult to be at home. The singer shared that he needs a job and “their space”.