Husbands note: Meladze pleased to Brezhnev best gift

Мужьям на заметку: Меладзе обрадовал Брежневу лучшим подарком
The singer shared details of the birthday celebration in Italy.

Мужьям на заметку: Меладзе обрадовал Брежневу лучшим подарком

Vera Brezhnev and Konstantin Meladze

Photo: Social Networks

Vera Brezhnev and Konstantin Meladze returned to Italy, where two years ago got married. This time the occasion was no less enjoyable: the pair flew to Venice for the celebration of the 36 anniversary of Brezhnev. In the company of close friends and beloved wife Faith spent a magical weekend. Returning to work, the singer shared on social media memories of the trip.

Vera Brezhneva celebrated its 36th anniversary in Italy

Birthday of Faith began with a surprise: the friends launched into the sky dozens of crimson balloons in form of hearts. Then there was a walk through Venice, champagne, hundreds of congratulations from colleagues and friends… Could this day get more perfect? Yeah! Because the front of the Brezhnev waited for the main gift. Constantine gave the Faith tickets to the famous La Fenice theater with a long history. Someone such a gift may seem too modest. “And how “girls best friend” — diamonds?”many will ask. But Faith tickets for the Opera was much more valuable than anything else.

“The Barber of Seville – the best gift,” – said Brezhnev. The actress posted in social networks joint photo with her husband, made during the trip. This, incidentally, is completely alien to the performer. She usually avoids publication of pictures with her husband, guided by the rule of “happiness loves silence”.