Husband taught sati Casanova, an important lesson

Муж преподал Сати Казановой важный урок
Stefano teaches Tiozzo wife life.

Photo: Instagram

Sati Kazanova married in the fall last year, Italian photographer Stefano Tiozzo. Since then, the singer does not cease to share with fans their idyll. This time Sati told how her husband helped her to have a bad time.

“I remembered the story of how my husband taught me a lesson of gratitude, says Casanova. — It was the pre-wedding fuss, and I had planned a large number of cases. The husband was away and was not all the way I’d like. And of course I felt hurt and I was not easy. The husband was on a trip to Peru, every phone call was for me a breath of fresh air. But the husband in this case had a long time to listen to my complaints and whims, while I was having periodically, the status of the victim. As you know, the “victim” is always looking for blame and doesn’t want to take responsibility for themselves. At one point, came to what Stefano said, “Listen, honey, if the price of the wedding feast — your hysterical and exhausted condition in which there is no place your happy chirping, then let’s cancel it.” He paused for a moment. I listened and obediently silent. Then he began to list things, moments and situations for which I should be grateful to God and life that I felt ashamed. Husband drew my attention to the fact that I didn’t want to see. He was talking about my popularity, that I have fans who love me and appreciate, the comfort of mom and dad, friends and other blessings of my life. I stood with the phone and silently cried, whether from grief, or shame. Some time after the conversation, I realized how grateful to her husband for this interview. He showed me the truth, which sometimes disappear because of our stupidity. After that, I began to thank life and the people around me, every little thing. My heart was easy and things went uphill. Now I keep this lesson as a gemstone. And as soon as my head comes the idea to whine or complain about life, I just remember this case. Each of us has something to be grateful for life and God. Happiness is under your nose! The most important thing — to return itself to a state of love and gratitude. And then comes the harmony!”

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