Муж научил актрису Анну Пескову стрелять
The actress has a new extreme hobby.

Муж научил актрису Анну Пескову стрелять

Anna Peskova

Who would have thought, but fragile and
delicate actress Anna Sand is not female hobby: together with her husband they
periodically practiced shooting at the suburban dash range.

“Two years ago I took a course on tactical
shooting, and when there are days off, it is possible to practice skills,”
Anna says Peskov. The actress said that this sport her
taught husband. “When I was preparing for the filming of the movie about the events of the great
Patriotic war “will not say Goodbye”, which released already on June 21,
the spouse suggested that I not be limited to instruction on the set, and
take a course shooting. And I said Yes. Of the 10 hits – 8/9/10 – all
my! But for higher accuracy, required constant training, and with my
schedule, alas, is impossible. Recently my husband specifically took place
reinforced courses of fire training, and I join him could not, in this
time was on the set,” says Anna.

By the way, is not the only extreme fascination with the Sand. For example,
in the spring the actress conquered the mountain tops. No overseas ski resorts
and could not be replaced for the actress Krasnaya Polyana. And if in all previous
years, Anna came down with almost all tracks, but this time climbed the
high Stone pillar, with a height of 2509 meters. This is despite the fact that
with the weather she was lucky.

“This time we went to Sochi in just 4 days, three of which planned
to hold on the slope. But, unfortunately, we are not lucky with the weather, and two days
it was raining heavily. When the sky cleared, it became clear that the route is not
very suitable for skating,” says the actress. To take from the last
day high, Anna Peskova went to a Stone pillar mountain, which he knew
well enough but was not yet at its high points.

“I can’t be called a fan of extreme sports, I’m all for everything to come
thoroughly. So, seeing in what condition were the trails after
several days of torrential rains, I went to one that knew —
said Peskov. But to add a little emotion went a bit
higher than did usual. And though I spent
up skiing only half a day, they were very busy and bright”.

Anna Peskova