Husband say Catherine Zeta-Jones to decorate other people’s houses

Муж разрешил Кэтрин Зета-Джонс украшать чужие дома
Michael Douglas gave “good” to his wife’s exercise of her longtime dreams.

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas


Catherine Zeta-Jones has long dreamed of becoming a decorator. This is her favorite thing — to choose paint colors, furniture, accessories that can transform any house into a realm of luxury and comfort. And finally Catherine realized the dream. And manufactures its own line of home decor. Her husband Michael Douglas agreed to support his beloved wife, but with one condition — nothing more to remodel in their home, and especially not to force him to move to a new one. “I am very glad that now Catherine will focus all their attention, interest and love to design home interiors in the homes of others. And I’ll be able to live in our house and not be afraid that at any moment my wife will want something to change, or worse — she will find a new home, you will fall in love with him and make me relive the horror of moving.”

I must say that the fears of Douglas were not in vain. Katherine recently moved his family from the old house in new mansion near new York. And in order to make Michael lighter has experienced this event, built a huge home cinema screen in the wall and the wall is not normal, and rounded on both sides. Catherine’s mother was a good dressmaker, and the daughter inherited her ability to sew and knit. Therefore, in the development of the collection she personally paid the main attention to the quality of fabrics and materials.

As you know, the actress suffers bouts of manic-depressive psychosis, than in 2013 publicly announced. Unfortunately, this disease is not curable, but with proper treatment and healthy lifestyle periods of remission can be very large. Naturally, Douglas is ready to indulge loved and supported all her endeavors. Especially after how their marriage almost fell apart. Fragile psyche Katherine could not stand then test — Michael’s illness. But fortunately, they lived separately, and Michael for five years as cured severe forms of cancer.