Муж Пинк учит дочь стрелять из винтовки

Carey HART is married to Pink since 2006. Together the couple are raising two children — seven-year-old daughter willow and two year old son jameson. But the methods of education of children in the family can cause some issues that the first year is set to public. At this time, the network is discussing how HART brings seven years of willow.

Муж Пинк учит дочь стрелять из винтовки

Cary put in his instagram video, which captures his little daughter. Willow holds the soft toy and a real gun! Baby firmly holds the rifle. The fact that her husband was Pink began to teach daughter to shoot from a very young age — three years. “Willow, we’re shooting a. 22 caliber rifle. She’s doing great. She can shoot a 22 inch pie plate at 30 yards. Shoots with three years!” — writes the Pope, willow.

To not answer many questions, Cary reassured the public and warned that the family did not shoot animals, but only shoots for fun, plates and so on. HART continuously monitors the safety of children.

While dad teaching children shooting, mom Pink tries to combine career and family. the singer told the overseas edition of the People about how to find a balance between family and work. The singer starred in an exclusive clip for the publication titled “What About Us”, where he revealed all the secrets.

“I put all of myself and all that I have in everything I do,” says the singer in a little sneak peek of the short documentary On the Record: P!nk — Beautiful Trauma, which will be available to fans on October 13 at Apple music. “The hardest part is to decide everything. I signed up for this even as a 16-year-old, and now I have children and marriage.”

“I just want to know what you are doing it right. This is no longer a simple puzzle game — now it’s not just me,” admits Pink.

In the trailer of the documentary film the actress admits that making the album — it is not an easy task. Especially if you are at home waiting for her children — 6-year-old daughter willow sage, and a young son, Jamison moon, which was not yet informed. Children need special care and affection, which the singer has to combine with heavy work on the filming and recording.

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