Husband of Victoria Dayneko found the incriminating evidence on his wife

Муж Виктории Дайнеко нашел компромат на жену
The singer had to justify to the spouse for his action.

Victoria Dayneko

Photo: @victoriadaineko (Instagram Victoria Dayneko)

In pursuit of fashion you can easily get into an awkward situation. For example, Victoria Daineko, by his own admission, confused in the boutique between women’s shorts and men’s underwear. As a result, the singer, she is unaware that with the intention to buy a home clothes, bought briefs “boxers”.

What a surprise it was the husband of the singer Dmitry Kleiman, when he returned from work and saw a male, but certainly not his own, underwear. In the result, Victoria had to justify to the spouse. Dayneko told the husband that the subject of the male wardrobe was bought itself by mistake, and does not appear in the house under any other circumstances.

However, even after the showdown with Kleiman, to part with the newly purchased goods Dayneko is in no hurry and it seems that you really intend to flaunt them at home. “No, but what. Excellent!” — wrote Victoria in the microblog.

Meanwhile, not so long ago the singer told the fans that with the birth of her daughter, has ceased to live for myself. She has difficulty in that it is physically impossible to permanently part with his successor. “For more than a year has passed, and I even half a day without its treasures cannot function normally, if moved to another town — all the sadness!” — said Daineko. It gives Victoria a terrible discomfort. And the fact that some mothers may be travelling without children a month after birth, makes her, according to the singer, the attacks of envy. In his microblog Dayneko turned for advice to the fans. “How do you do, girls? How you sometimes manage to live for yourself?” — specilalities.

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