Husband of Victoria Daineko for the first time after a breakup: “I’m really missing your daughter”

Муж Виктории Дайнеко впервые после расставания: «Я безумно скучаю по дочери» Dmitry Kleiman explained, as is his contact with the child. According to the musician, he is regularly seen with the baby, but she lives with her mother, and therefore spend a lot of time not obtained.

      Муж Виктории Дайнеко впервые после расставания: «Я безумно скучаю по дочери»

      In relations 29-year-old Victoria Daineko and her husband, 22-year-old drummer Dmitry Kleiman always passions. Love at first sight, less than six months later, the offer of marriage, pregnancy, the birth of daughter Lydia.

      “During childbirth, I was constantly near Victoria, with a smile says Dmitry. She held her hand and even cut the umbilical cord. Very worried!”

      At the end of 2016 “StarHit” first reported that Daineko looking for a divorce lawyer. Then she took off his wedding ring. A little over a month ago the singer confessed to fans that she and her husband no longer live together. Dmitry said that the main thing for them with Vick now – to be worthy parents to eight month old daughter.

      “She has mom and dad, and we will do everything possible to save their daughter in no way needed and smiled more often, says Kleiman. I love to play with my little Princess, reading her stories, we often watch cartoons together. Very upset when my daughter gets sick or is crying, terribly, if a long time not seeing her… the Girl lives with Vika, I regularly visit my mother. By the way, and to prepare for a child can, if necessary, without problems turn into the best chef on the planet”.

      To ensure the future of the successor, Dmitry works hard, does a club project DrumPanda, a few months ago, opened a drum school, “Kleiman of the school.”

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      “Personally, there are teaching, giving private lessons and master classes, plan to soon expand – continues to Dmitry. Students already have enough. All this in the first place, in order to make the daughter happy. When you grow up, will think, what she would become: a singer, like mom, or maybe an actress, athlete or… the President!”

      Now the pair have a lot to go through: the divorce process, to resolve issues with the further education of the child. “Daughter distraction from all the problems. When I’m with her, not thinking about anything. It might be rain or wind, and she – my beach, my sea, my sun – smiling drummer. And, of course, beside me is always friends and parents if there are difficulties, they always help”.