Husband of Victoria Daineko filed for divorce

Муж Виктории Дайнеко подал на развод

The husband of singer Victoria Dayneko, drummer Dmitry Kleiman filed a petition for dissolution of marriage in the Kuntsevo district court. The statement has already been taken into account, and the meeting will be held on August 17. After parting in March, the couple chose not to live together. As reported by the artist herself, the cause of the separation was frequent quarrels. Victoria Dayneko not wanted a divorce and said that breed them can only husband Dmitry, what happened on July 11.

Reporters “StarHit” asked a few questions friend Dmitry, who assured that he was the initiator of the divorce. “You can understand that they Vic not living together, have long ceased to be husband and wife… Guy needs to think about the future, it may well be that he will find new love and the old relationship will still be on the shoulders. And not every wants to meet married.”

Parting with his wife not so saddened Dmitry as his wife. In that time, the actress thought about the marriage, Dmitry was having fun in the company of two beautiful ladies. In early summer, the network became available photos of Kleiman, smeared in lipstick girlfriends.

The pair lived together for two happy years, which resulted in a beautiful daughter Lydia. Little girl in October will be two years old. After the breakup of the artists daughter took the Vic, but despite this, they both try to pay as much attention to the upbringing of the baby. “She has both parents, and we will do everything possible to save their daughter in no way needed and often smiled – shared Kleiman with the journalists of the portal “StarHit”. The drummer spends a lot of time with Lydia reads her stories for a long time and bored when they have to be separated for a long time. Dmitry also boasts that will please the daughter of the tasty delights. Kleiman argues that for the sake of my daughter transforms into the best cooks of the world. In spite of the divorce process, the girl does not remain without attention of both parents.