Husband of Victoria Beckham gave a homeless guy a beer and Burger

Муж Виктории Бекхэм угостил бездомного пивом и гамбургером
David showed an example to his children.

Муж Виктории Бекхэм угостил бездомного пивом и гамбургером

David Beckham

Photo: Splash News/East news

the days of the amazed passers-by on the streets of London witnessed an amazing
scene: dressed in a tracksuit and beanie man is not easy
identified the famous former footballer 41-year-old David Beckham, had a conversation with a young homeless.

to tell the witnesses to this scene, the reporters of the newspaper the Daily Mail, a little
later the husband of Victoria Beckham were gone for a while at the diner, the walls of which was the conversation, and
then came with a hamburger in hand and a bottle of beer in his pocket. Then David
handed over your purchase to the homeless. He just shone with joy and thanked long
of his benefactor. And, although he looked exhausted and was clearly hungry, yet
held out from being able to pounce on the food right in front of Beckham.

by the way, in a place called Tommi’s Burger Joint, David
did not come alone, but accompanied by their three youngest children: sons Cruz and
Romeo and daughter Harper. While their father talked with the homeless, children
modestly stood aside and watched the scene. And the conversation was over, David
took Harper by the hand and, apparently, the girl explained their actions.

David Beckham and his wife, of course, not limited to disposable use
for those who need it. Both take an active part in charity. They can afford to be extremely generous donors. After all
the combined wealth of David and Victoria, according to experts, is
nearly 500 million pounds that makes
them richer than Queen Elizabeth II —
as the Queen’s estimate at “only” 340 million.

David and Victoria Beckham with kids

Photo: Splash News/East news

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