Муж Виктории  Бекхэм шьет платья для кукол
For the sake of his beloved daughters, David is ready for anything.

David Beckham

Photo: @victoriabeckham (Victoria Beckham Instagram)

Recently David Beckham was simultaneously amused and touched to tears by his wife. Victoria entered the room, she saw her husband sitting on the floor, cross-legged, intently bent over something pink lying on his lap. Coming closer, she saw that David holds in his hands a needle and thread and sticks it in a bright cloth. On the question of what he is doing, he embarrassed explained: daughter Harper asked him to sew a new dress for dolls!

David looked so funny that she resisted the urge not to laugh out loud. But Victoria managed to capture her husband-athlete this like totally male occupation and laid out the resulting images in Instagram. She provided them with the caption “We adore you, Harper, David. You’re the best daddy in the world!”

David really is an exceptional father. And since Harper, the only girl on the team his offspring, definitely his favorite, for her sake he is willing to do anything. Beckham admitted recently that it is very difficult to be strict with the little girl and he spoils her desperately. In this case, David is extremely proud that Harper, although she is not a boy, shared his passion for football. However, its a little upsetting is the fact that it does not satisfy his wife, who wished to see his daughter is not an athlete, a dancer or, in extreme cases, a designer. However, the Harper, though she’s only four years, has already found the right approach so as not to offend his father or his mother. For Victoria she thinks hard and tries to sew dresses for dolls. And on Sundays he plays football with his brothers and father.

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