Муж Валерии Ланской ищет для нее работу
The actress is waiting for her call to audition.

Муж Валерии Ланской ищет для нее работу

Valeriya Lanskaya and Stas Ivanov

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Valeria Lanskaya with her son

Photo: Philip Goncharov

There is a perception that if the actress is married to Director,
it is automatically deducted only in his films and the time it loaded
the chart on other projects simply does not. But it
all a myth, according to the husband of Valeria Lanskaya — Stas Ivanov.

he published a post in which
wrote that the wife waits for her call to audition. “The photo is my wife, the actress of theatre and cinema
Valeria Lanskaya. Colleagues, Directors, producers, casting Directors, there is
the opinion that Valeria has some unimaginable time in the theater and even more
unthinkable concerts. We hasten to inform you that it is not. Valeria
open to suggestions, and most importantly, she sincerely and anxiously waiting for them as
any other actress. Call for samples, please! — said Ivanov. — As a Director, I reluctantly
heart, ready to share such rare and valuable performance, which Lera
delivers in any genre. As a husband have no right to wish her a big
the number of roles she deserves it!”

We will remind, Valery masterfully
combine motherhood with work. “I’m trying to build a schedule so
to spend more time with the child. If one day, work load,
following a whole will spend with my son. Well, when I’m not home with him all my
favorite and close people that I trust. And all are willing to adjust their plans and
schedules under the Theme!” — told Lanskaya 7days.ru.