Муж Татьяны Булановой собрался «дать в морду» Юрию Лозе
Spouse of the singer explained why he intends to put the musician on the spot.

Tatiana Bulanova

Photo: Instagram.com

Husband of Tatyana Bulanova intervened in the scandal, which started musician Yuri Loza. The singer’s husband — Vladislav Radimov extremely nervously reacted to the sensational statement of the musician about his hometown — St. Petersburg. In one of airs the Vine called the residents of the cultural capital of Russia — “freeloaders, living off subsidies”. In addition went to Peter I, whom the jury for the transfer of the capital from Moscow to St. Petersburg called “silly.” Radimov, as a true Petersburger, decided to stand up for their fellow citizens and announced his intention to “give a face” to the musician.

“Yuri Loza, who recently about whom a lot of nonsense and babble which surely someone remembers the song “the Raft” arrived here today in St. Petersburg. Peter was a fool, and St. Petersburg — peripheral parasite, producing nothing except boast… Share with this fellow tells us how to live, in the words of Peter: “quiet Evil can not fly”. And from his decree: “to Say merely the words, but not signed, so all the crap of each was visible”. This is what I, a native of Leningrad/St. Petersburg, give me the unknown Yuri Loza hands when they meet, instead, if faced dam in the face!” — angrily said the husband Bulanova.

Tatiana the reaction of the husband saying the Vines have not commented on. However, the singer, for which St. Petersburg is also a hometown, is unlikely to argue against the fact that the young husband was known as a hero, to intercede for honour of the cultural capital.

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