Husband of Polina Gagarina performs his father’s exploits

Муж Полины Гагариной совершает отцовские подвиги The singer has revealed the young dad in. Spouse Polina Gagarina, Dmitry Iskhakov for a short time, learned to skillfully handle an infant. Man has mastered all the skills of infant care, he knows how to swaddle, feed, put to sleep a little MIA and not to get nervous when a girl is naughty.

Singer Polina Gagarina in late April, which became twice a mother, is delighted with the behavior of her husband, Dmitry Iskhakov. Husband of Polina Gagarina first told about daughter

A young father is incredibly happy that he now has a young daughter MIA, and seems ready to fully replace her mother. Of course, part of caring for the baby. According to Polina Gagarina, the ability to deal with infants her husband has no equal. Dmitry Iskhakov have learned all the skills that usually gets women-owned, produced not a single heir. Polina Gagarina proud husband and happy to talk to fans about his father’s exploits.

“The young father in the case, was signed by the singer in the microblog, which Dmitry Iskhakov standing at the changing table. Some weeks he will learn to change diapers, swaddle, bathe, feed, put to sleep, and most importantly not to be afraid and keep Titanic calm when baby fussy. Dmitry Iskhakov, you’re my hero, my support and help in everything. Right now he teaches MIA to smile, and smile I am.”

Subscribers Polina Gagarina wondered with what pleasure the young father deals with a daughter. “Dad, well done! There is not enough. I wish you health and happiness”, ” MIA got very nice parents, she’s lucky!” “Very nice and touching photo! I wish you health and a great family happiness!”, “What Dima well done! It’s very touching. Dmitry, I’m sure MIA is happy that she has a father like you,” – commented the followers of the singer a photo of her husband in microblog.

The help of husband for Pauline, indeed, priceless. The singer has already started active work. The singer surprised all his fans when just a couple of weeks after the birth came on the scene.

Many young mothers are interested in the microblog Polina how she could so quickly regain form. However, the singer herself does not consider her figure ideal. She says that even adheres to a strict diet last month and only eats chicken and broccoli no salt, and drink lots of water. The blonde refuses performances. A young mother believes that it is important to be able to find time for family and career. According to Pauline, her twitching right eye, and at concerts she occasionally forgets the lyrics, but it gives her inconvenience.