Husband of Polina Gagarina boasted by the car for six million

Муж Полины Гагариной похвастался автомобилем за шесть миллионов Dmitry Iskhakov bought an expensive foreign car. Spouse Polina Gagarina shared with subscribers in Instagram good news – in the garage the star of the family appeared a new car.
Муж Полины Гагариной похвастался автомобилем за шесть миллионов

A pair of Polina Gagarina and Dmitry Iskhakov is considered one of the strongest unions in the domestic show-business. Lovers try regularly to surprise and delight each other, showing some surprises to users of social networks. So, the husband of the actress was published in the microblog the newly purchased machine. Car Lexus lx 570 blue color, apparently, impressed the star photographer. The price of this model starts from six million rubles.

“New horse… No, perhaps that’s the bull. Let’s go around,” he boasted Dmitry.

Subscribers Iskhakova appreciated his choice and hurried to congratulate on purchase. They’ve left dozens of comments to the post with a photo of the car. In addition, social network users praised the father for the fact that continuously strives to please the beloved.

“Really cool machine really cool man!”, “All of you will know! Class!”, “Wow! Horse! Color cool”, “happy obnovili. Good luck on the road!”, “That’s what docha with dad doing – had a ball. Well at least not a plane!”, “Polina Sergeevna probably chose,” wrote a follower.

It should be noted that. for a long time never ceases to amaze Gagarin. He devotes her touching posts on Instagram, gives gifts and come up with surprises. So, on a recent birthday, the singer’s the photographer not just gathered the family for blonde people, but also made a real flash mob. The party guests put on the face of the portraits of Pauline, and decorated in colorful balloons. In the midst of the celebration, and close friends sang a song of his own composition to the tune of popular songs of the band “Mushrooms”.

In addition, Dimitri tries to have time to help a young mother in caring for her daughter. Man has learned to do with little MIA: to change diapers, swaddle, bathe, feed and put to sleep the girl. The actress already told fans how calm her beloved responds to the whims of the child and deftly handles all difficulties. Husband of Polina Gagarina performs his father’s exploits

“Dmitry Iskhakov, you’re my hero, my support and help in everything. Right now he teaches MIA to smile, and smile I do,” Gagarin wrote in the microblog.