Husband of Pelagia is forced to tolerate her indifference

Супруг Пелагеи вынужден терпеть ее безразличие
The singer and mentor of “the Voice” Pelageya not like to dwell on his personal life, preferring to keep it secret.

Супруг Пелагеи вынужден терпеть ее безразличие

For a long time the singer has tried not to advertise their relationship with the hockey player Ivan by Telegony, and the birth of her daughter wanted to keep secret. In the program “Smak” Pelagia explained that she often cannot find time even for cooking, but the husband understands this.

Супруг Пелагеи вынужден терпеть ее безразличие

“The spares, not have to cook. Although, I wouldn’t have time to make him Breakfast at all desire. The fact that the spouse gets up early and goes to training. And so every day. In the morning I lay for 15 minutes in bed and think about how he is a hero. After all, he in any weather has to go on the ice, to freeze, to make an incredible effort,” said Pelagia.

It is worth noting that the singer has to combine not only the role of wife, and mother, and not to forget about a career.

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