Мужа Ольги Рапунцель уличили в многочисленных изменах Dmitry Dmitrenko passed a polygraph test. Olga Rapunzel was shocked by the results of the study, but believes that her husband repented. The young man categorically denied all charges in his address.
Мужа Ольги Рапунцель уличили в многочисленных изменах

In the fall of 2017 fans of the project “Dom-2” was shocked by a sudden breakup Olga Rapunzel and Dmitry Dmitrenko. A few months before that, the pair played a wedding, and after the regularly published romantic photos. The young woman then confessed that the lover had beaten her, despite the interesting position.

After the scandal Rapunzel returned to the “House-2”, and Dimitrenko began to lay out photos where he was depicted with different girls. Before the New year, the couple managed to reconcile. Now Olga says that her husband was faithful to her throughout the relationship.

Leading “House-2” decided with the help of a polygraph to check the veracity of the words of Dmitry. He answered several questions concerning the change of the second half. The young man denied any accusations. However, a specialist in lie detector came to a disappointing conclusion.

“Racing pulse, clearly indicates that Dmitry cheated on his wife during the period from November to December 2017. He was in a relationship with a girl Jana present in the Studio with Maria Kohno. Perhaps there were other treason, because I see a very decent racing pulse. He’s worried,” said the examiner.

Olga Rapunzel was shocked by what he heard. The young woman believed the words of the spouse, who swore her love. However, the choice today is not going to break up with her husband. She was sure that Dmitry had learned their lesson and now their relationship will develop very differently.

“I, of course, it’s a shame, but I think that once it was, then it was. Now we’re all good, I see that Dima has changed. I understand many women in the country, because almost all men cheat. We have our baby, and this is important. Now I want to be left alone. Want to quietly to bear a child and to find simple woman’s happiness,” shared Olga in the end of the show.

According to the rules of the competition “Wedding in a million”, which takes place in the framework of the project “Dom-2”, only the audience determines whether the pair to pass to the next stage of the competition. The voices of the guests in the Studio were divided but still most of them believe in the sincerity of feelings Rapunzel and Dimitrenko.

However, the young man said that after all that happened he had no desire to continue to participate in the contest. Dmitry said that he lied and that his family will live in peace without a fight for a million.