Husband of Olga Buzova accused her of drunkenness

Супруг Ольги Бузовой обвинил её в пьянстве
The player was criticized for the rough statement to the wife.

Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov


Recently, the Network appeared the video, recorded at one of the resorts in Spain. It Olga Buzova, flown there a couple of days ago, inconsolable crying, talking to someone on the phone. After the publication of the video taken by the paparazzi, fans Olga tried to get the news to her husband TV presenter Dmitry Tarasov. Probably the fans trying to make the player pity for Buzova, but Dmitry on the question of whether he had seen that Olga is in tears and isn’t it time for them to make peace, replied rather harshly.

“Is she crying? I think she’s just drunk!” — answered in the review Dmitry. After that, fans of Olga Tarasova ganged up on. In his address showered with insults. He was charged and that he is cruel and rude, and that publicly humiliated his wife yet. But on the player it had no effect. After a couple of hours, on his page there was a publication addressed to rabid fans of the wife.

“Yes, and who’s talking?! Those Who distract themselves from desires to suspicion. And whose really shameful behavior. They gossip will bring forty tail — let’s work. The bones then you will understand, What you never dreamed of, will drag — and think that you have become cleaner for yourself!…” — wrote Dmitry.

It should be noted that none of the pair while never officially commented on his upcoming rumored divorce. But both husband and wife now pour out the soul in a Network with ambiguous poems.