Муж Нелли Ермолаевой балует ее дорогими подарками After marriage the husband never ceases to amaze with its various surprises. Nelly Ermolaeva happy that the marriage did not change their reverent attitude to each other. In early June, the TV presenter played a wedding with her partner Kirill Andreev.

      Those who follow closely the life of the presenter Nelli Ermolaeva, remember that on the eve of the wedding chosen and presented her with a gorgeous gift. Kirill Andreev was able to surprise the girl. As a present, he chose a luxurious SUV. For Nelly it would be a real surprise – she was full of enthusiastic emotions.

      Yermolayev recognized that after the wedding, they have not ended the so-called honeymoon period. Husband still spoils her with expensive gifts. Despite the fact that now the couple’s total budget, she is not scolding his wife over spending on her.

      “Emotions are the most expensive. And even after the wedding, he never ceases to amaze me and often gives gifts. For example, I’m getting out of the shower and he was standing there with a huge bouquet. I get scared, of course – I never expected this. I don’t believe those who say that after marriage everything changes. It is necessary to work over relations”, – told the “StarHit” Ermolaev.

      Due to the fact that Nelly is quite often travels with her husband, many surprises were waiting for it in the aircraft. Once, Cyril asked the pilot to make an announcement to the entire cabin. It is reported that on Board the aircraft is the birthday girl and gave declarations of love from Andreev.

      Nelly Ermolaeva: “I Hope to give birth to twins!”

      Nelly remembered that from the very beginning of their relationship with Cyril he behaved very gallantly and were always pleased with its unexpected surprises. The presenter said that once she boarded the plane, and suddenly on the next seat was her boyfriend with a bouquet. For her it was a real shock – she couldn’t understand how he was registered, to stay out of sight for Nellie.

      However, these actions have aroused the envy of some friends. They tried to persuade Nelly that Cyril is no good for her. Ermolaeva later realized that many people liked her choice. Realizing this, she stopped to communicate with your opponents.

      “I could not understand why this is happening? When my friend introduce to your young people for all I care, I try not to evaluate. They can decide themselves fit together or not,” mused Ermolaeva.

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