Муж Маши Распутиной: «Мне не нужна гастролерша!»
The singer first tells the shocking truth about the relationship with the first spouse.

Masha Rasputina

Photo: PR NTV

guest of the show “the Secret in a million” will be Masha Rasputina. The artist will lift the veil of privacy
two completely different
marriages stage career and relationships with colleagues.

show business for the first time after the death of the first husband Vladimir Ermakov
talk about the grievances and difficulties between the spouses. Guest
a program called reason
sorry about the marriage within a year after the wedding, and why
husband-producer adjusted it against the General’s daughter leads. Also the actress
you will find the strength to talk about the high successor, which
experienced serious health problems, so be
you know, where is the girl really, and who helps her
to fight for the inheritance of the father.

Masha Rasputina will share details of the history of love with the current husband
businessman Viktor Zakharov. Viewers learn that first date
celebrity and millionaire ended
scandal, after which the singer avoided married admirer few
years. However, true love has no obstacles, because the pair failed
parting after a chance meeting. For a new relationship to the singer
had to make serious concessions — the chosen one
Masha advocated the suspension of concert activity, saying: “I don’t
need gastroline”.

in a confidential conversation with Leroy Kudryavtseva, the favorite of the audience will discuss
modern show business and without a fraction of hesitation would call his top friends
and enemies: please explain why not greet
with the King of the national stage Philip Kirkorov for 10
years, tell, pissed off Maestro Igor Krutoy and what is not shared with
Love Assumption.