Husband of Masha Rasputina forbids her to speak

Супруг Маши Распутиной запрещает ей выступать The singer became a guest recitals Philip Kirkorov at the “New wave”. Backstage, she told about the limitations of her husband regarding her career. According to star, the beloved does not encourage her frequent tours.
Супруг Маши Распутиной запрещает ей выступать

Masha Rasputina rarely performs on stage with new and old hits. Many fans believed that the star left the profession, but during the festival “New wave” comes the triumphant return of the artist. The singer lit at the recital of Philip Kirkorov, and taggersize why he did pause in his career.

It turns out, Maria long performed at the request of her husband Viktor Zakharov. The husband of the actress going through a difficult separation with her, so he tries not to let the star on tour. She tries to make concessions to the beloved, so as not to create unnecessary cause for conflict in the family.

“He forbids me to work, not let out of the house. Kirkorov had to beg him to allow me to compete in Sochi. He begged,” – said Rasputin.
Супруг Маши Распутиной запрещает ей выступать

Maria Rasputin and her husband Viktor Zakharov happily married for 18 years. The star admits that now supports her husband, and she mostly goes shopping and doing housework. “Dress that I bought husband. He is a very busy man, works a lot. I try to please him, can make scrambled eggs or dust wipe. But for everything else we have a responsible staff”, – told the artist.

The image of Mary was recognized as one of the highlights this evening on the “New wave”. The star appeared in a pink dress, richly decorated with stones. Speech Rasputina in recital Philip Kirkorov also was memorable. Fans were happy to see the artist on stage. Many of them hope that now the star of the 90s would often delight them with new songs and video clips.

Супруг Маши Распутиной запрещает ей выступать

The controversial singer and king of Russian pop scene have been friends for many years. Their communication has repeatedly resulted in creative collaboration. So, the song “the rose tea” is still considered one of the biggest hits in the repertoire of Maria.

Speaking to representatives of the edition Rasputin said that she has big plans.

“Philippe asked me to do a joint tour, but again, it all depends on the husband. Learning of these plans, the husband immediately began to wonder how long I’ll be gone. I hope the man can change his mind,” – said the singer.