Муж Марии Максаковой застрелен в Киеве. ФОТО According to journalists, Denis Boronenkov killed in the heart of the city. The news of this spread through all the Ukrainian media. Local law enforcement agencies do not exclude that eks-the Deputy of the state Duma ordered.

      Муж Марии Максаковой застрелен в Киеве. ФОТО

      Today in mass media there were data that in the center of Kyiv killed a former state Duma Deputy, Denis Boronenkov, who previously moved to Ukraine with his wife Maria Maksakova. According to journalists, the man was shot. This information to the correspondent was confirmed by the Verkhovna Rada Deputy from “Blok Petro Poroshenko” Dmitry Belotserkovets. The area around the scene is blocked, at the moment there are representatives of law enforcement agencies.

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      Ilya Ponomarev: “Denis Boronenkov killed in 11.25 “Premier Palace”. He went to the meeting with me. There are no words. The guard managed to wound her attacker. Version obvious – I said that Voronenkov is not a crook, and the investigator, mortally dangerous for Russian security forces. My deepest condolences to Maria Maksakova”.

      Ukrainian media: guard Denis Boronenkov and the alleged killer were injured and are in hospital.

      Lyudmila Maksakova “Life”: “Well, thank you, Lord, and what else to do with it? Thank God that in the end the man who had so meanly, he’s military, his treason would be shot”.

      Муж Марии Максаковой застрелен в Киеве. ФОТО

      Dtp.kiev.ua: at the scene found six shell casings and a pistol.

      The investigative Committee, “RIA Novosti”: “as long as no official information about the death of a defendant in a criminal case of Denis Boronenkov a result did not receive. In case of receiving official confirmation of his death is provided by law or the termination of criminal proceedings on non-rehabilitating basis with the consent of the relatives of the deceased, or in the absence of such consent — the direction of criminal case to court for consideration on the merits.”

      Муж Марии Максаковой застрелен в Киеве. ФОТО

      Dmitry Peskov, “RIA Novosti”: the President of Russia Vladimir Putin reported about the murder of Denis Boronenkov.

      Ilya Ponomarev, “Rain”: “the Guard managed to wound one of the attackers”.

      Муж Марии Максаковой застрелен в Киеве. ФОТО

      The chief of national police of Kiev Andrey Krishchenko, “RIA Novosti”: “the Killer is protected, he provided primary medical care”.

      Муж Марии Максаковой застрелен в Киеве. ФОТО

      Maria Maksakova arrived on the scene. It is reported that she was feeling unwell and fainted.

      Media are actively discussing the possibility of pregnancy Maksakova

      Муж Марии Максаковой застрелен в Киеве. ФОТО

      In a Network there was video of the crime scene.

      Муж Марии Максаковой застрелен в Киеве. ФОТО

      Kiev police: Denis Voronenkov was killed from a pistol TT. The life of a bodyguard of the former Deputy of the state Duma is out of danger. The man is hospitalized.

      Муж Марии Максаковой застрелен в Киеве. ФОТО

      State Duma Deputy from the Communist party Valery Rashkin, “Life”: the Murder of Denis Boronenkov might be related to his business.

      “RIA Novosti” Maria Maksakova left the hotel in Kiev, accompanied by guards. Reviews reporters the woman is not allowed.

      Joseph Kobzon “Source”: “I’m Sure if Mary will return to Russia, no it won’t pursue… Review Lyudmila Maksakova not read, but I’m sure she couldn’t say.”

      Ekaterina Dobrynina, daughter-in-law Lyudmila Maksakova “Life”: “Mary the link did not come out! I think she’s now hell! Mashka strong, everything will fall into place”.

      Media: Killer Boronenkov is in intensive care.

      Petro Poroshenko indirectly blamed Russia for the incident. During the conversation with the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov has denied these assumptions. “We believe that any allegations that have heard about the notorious Russian trace, are absurd… I Hope that the killer and those who stood behind these actions will be identified,” journalists quoted him as saying.

      A law enforcement source, “Life”: “Attacker Denis Boronenkov proximity, to question him is not possible”. The man was diagnosed with a severe head injury, chest and extremities. At the moment it is in one of hospitals of Kiev.

      The eyewitness testimony of the events of “Medusa”: “First, we heard three claps, and immediately thereafter, another group and another group [of shots]. Only probably had seven to ten shots. We often pop something in the city centre, so the values are not given — thought bullies who. Just then he heard sirens, and we ran. In place of just “ambulance” arrived and one police car was parked. Saw lying two people on the pavement. The Boronenkov I immediately recognized”.

      Stanislav Sadalsky on Instagram: “Someone said a long time ago that people tend to kill the ones you love. Well, the opposite is true”.

      The Deputy head of the faction “people’s front” Victoria syumar in an interview with Ukrainian Agency “UNN”: “today We need to investigate the issue. I think at the international level, and I would ask everybody now to invite Interpol and the FBI.”

      Businessman Otari Kobakhidze, a recognized victim in the criminal case of Denis Boronenkov, commented “Life”. “Yesterday I drove to the office, and I was approached by a stranger, who was waiting for me. He said that now to me will tell Denis Boronenkov, and handed her the phone. The source in the tube introduced by Voronenkova and told that wants to return back to Russia and to surrender. He asked me to tie him up with the investigator directly to discuss this opportunity,” said the man.

      The TV channel “112 Ukraine”: In Boronenkov shot at close range.

      The Director of the communications Department of the MIA of Ukraine Artem Shevchenko “Life”: “At the moment, the Kiev police have data in the Unified register of pre-trial investigations under the article “Premeditated murder”.

      MIA of Ukraine: “the killer had accomplices.”

      Maria Zakharova: “In Moscow shocked in connection with the received information about the murder, the daring murder today, March 23, in the center of Kyiv former Deputy of the State Duma of Russia Denis Boronenkov. Currently available data suggest that we are talking about the prepared custom-made murder has all the hallmarks of exemplary action”.

      The public Prosecutor of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko on air of channel “112 Ukraine”: “the Alleged killer of a former state Duma Deputy, Denis Boronenkov received a perforating wound of the head and is on the verge of death.”

      “RIA Novosti” with reference to the Ukrainian media: the Alleged killer of ex-state Duma Deputy is wanted in the case of fraudulent business and money laundering. About the man knows that he was born in 1988.

      Head of “Fair Russia” Sergei Mironov, the TV channel “Russia 24”: “Versions should probably be few: and criminal aspects, and the provocation of known political forces in Ukraine, and the past entourage Boronenkov. Versions enough.”

      The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko told reporters that Mary Maksakova questioned.

      Ukrainian media: the Alleged killer Boronenkov died on the operating table.

      The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko: “the Victim Voronenkov was under the protection of one of the special services of Ukraine. The man who was wounded and who was able to fire in response to the killer who is a current employee of one of special services of Ukraine”.

      Producer Valery Sergeyev, who is familiar with the family of the actress, made the comment “Life”. The man put forward another version of what happened. According to Sergeyev, the former wife of the singer, criminal authority to Vladimir Tyurin, didn’t like that he was deprived of communication with children. Vladimir suggests that the “thief in law” could regard the second marriage of a star as a betrayal.

      The press-Secretary of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine Artem Shevchenko RBC: “the Shooter was alone, but the scene came on the car with at least one accomplice… the Attacker walked along the Boulevard, then came up and said some remark and opened fire”.

      We will remind that Maria Maksakova and her husband Denis Boronenkov left Russia in February of this year. The husband and wife went to the Ukraine. According to some, Denis Voronenkov was announced in the Federal wanted list, this was later learned from sources in the Investigative Committee.

      Earlier in mass media there were rumors that Maria Maksakova is preparing to become a mother. About it correspondents allegedly told the sources close to the couple. The singer of this information is not confirmed.

      Note also that just a couple of hours before the incident there was an interview of Denis Boronenkov local newspaper in which he said that he feared for his life.

      “On the Ground 100% mortality, and we all sooner or later die. What matters is how and why we lived. Sometimes “how” is more important than “how”. Why live in fear? To quote a famous movie: “would it help?” said Boronenkov.