Husband of Maria Kozhevnikova is willing to make sacrifices for the sake of it

Муж Марии Кожевниковой готов на жертвы ради нее Actress and social activist is glad that her husband can do everything to make her happy. Maria Kozhevnikova doesn’t want her choice is not out of the comfort zone. She respects his position and not satisfied for this reason of quarrels.

      Three years ago Maria Kozhevnikova married businessman Yevgeny Vasilyev. The actress is happy that she has found her soul mate and good relationship with spouse. She admits that her chosen one frustrating a lot of attention to his person, but because he practically never appear at social events with his wife or the photos in her microblog. Once Eugene was almost agreed to sacrifice my principles and take part in a joint photo shoot. Maria knew that he would experience discomfort, so cancelled the shoot.

      “I knew what to do he’s going exclusively for me. And I don’t want to force a loved one to experience even the slightest discomfort, for me, his calm in the foreground. But deep down, somewhere very deep, I hope that he will ever agree to do”, – said Kozhevnikov.

      Maria admits that during the relationship she and her husband learned to understand each other perfectly. Kozhevnikova even think my husband knows her better than she herself. Public figure believes Evgeny the head of the family, and therefore ready to make concessions and often takes his point of view. The actress said that family life has taught her to deal with their own selfishness.

      “Ironically, women’s wisdom and ability to compromise I was taught it was my husband. He never wanted me to redo. If we have arguing with him, he just starts to lead a calm and reasoned dialogue. And in the end, I myself admit that he was right. I think if all people begin to perceive the family as “we” instead of “I” and to hear each other, it will be much less of a problem in the relationship,” he revealed his recipe for a happy family life Kozhevnikova.

      Now Maria and Eugene raise two sons the elder Ivan and a younger Maxim. The actress admits that happy to raise it boys, because it is very demanding. However, she admitted to journalists edition of “Antenna-Telesem” that she manages to keep a balance between care and a strict upbringing. Maria since childhood instills van and the Maxim the sense of brotherhood that they will not have any jealousy of parents.