Муж Марго Робби ревнует ее к плюшевому зайцу

Муж Марго Робби ревнует ее к плюшевому зайцу

Soon in cinemas the film will be released “Scandal,” in which Margot Robbie played a major role. In anticipation of this event, the actress gave a big interview in which has shared unusual facts from his life.

The journalists decided to find out what Margot feels iconic. This is not an amulet, not antique decoration, and a small plush Bunny named Bunny, which gave Robbie in the deep childhood. From that moment to this day, the actress sleeps with this toy. The celebrity admitted that her husband Tom Ackerly permanently removes the rabbit from the bed, because it is laughable the situation in which a wife sleeps with the toy. Also Margo suspects that her husband is just jealous of the Bunny, because Bunny’s priority place in their common bed. When Tom thinks Robbie was fast asleep, he gently takes the rabbit and throws it on the floor, which is very always angry actress.

After journalists asked one of the people has on Robbie, the greatest impact. This person was an aunt of celebrities, why is it, Margo explained. Also, the actress said that very often in childhood showed my mom the scene Goldie hawn the girl from an early age worked in theater and set ourselves big goals. And in the film “Scandal” girl playing next to Nicole Kidman, who is also an idol for her.

“When I looked how it works, I thought: “mother of God, now I understand why she’s Nicole Kidman!”. As soon as you hear the command “Action!”, Nicole immediately changes, I couldn’t put it down. Every word, even if it was not the key remark of the hero, was filled with the power. It was very cool to watch her live. I thought, “Now I understand why she is. She’s a sorceress,” admitted Margo.

With great thanks to Robbie remembered and Charlize Theron that helped her to cope with the most complex scenes in the film. In the film there is a scene where Margot talking on the phone and needs to show more emotions on her face, she got very bad and Charlize came to the rescue. On my day off she came to the site, and at 22:00 the village to rehearse this scene with Robbie, so everything turned out perfectly. Each time, rehearsing the conversation, Theron has transformed incredibly in character and this impressed the young actress.

Margot Robbie was fortunate enough to meet on one platform along with two talented and experienced Actresses. And what happened, we will be able to see in the near future.

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