Husband of Margarita Agibalova congratulated her anniversary

Муж Маргариты Агибаловой не поздравил ее с годовщиной Former member of “House-2” not enough romance. Margarita Agibalova and Paul Marceau remembered an important date just a day later only due to the devoted admirer of a young woman. A fan addressed a couple of nice words in honor of its third anniversary of marriage.

      The day before the former participant reality show “House-2” Margarita Agibalova and her husband Paul Marceau was the anniversary of the wedding. However, the pair are not organized in any family celebration, and the husband even did not congratulate her feet. Moreover, Margaret had confessed that she had forgotten about the day when vows of love and fidelity to her lover. Apparently, friends of the couple also forgotten about an important date. The greeting came only from strangers Margarita person.

      “Yesterday we had a wedding anniversary. Ashamed to admit it, but we forgot. We are so wound up in the home, in planning for the future, solving some issues, he did not even remember about your day. I remembered today just because of the fact that I came the greeting from a stranger (thanks, Alice!) It’s a shame of course, but most importantly, do not date, and relationship. Perhaps wish our relations just a little more romance,” wrote Margaret.

      For Agibalova’s second marriage – she previously lived with a famous participant of “House-2” Eugene Kuzin. However, after a while, the couple broke up and their son Mitya stayed with my mom.

      Later the young woman once again found happiness in his personal life. Three years ago, Margaret and Paul had arranged a modest ceremony, and then went to the Banquet with relatives in the capital restaurant “Pushkin”. At that time the bride was in the 30th week of pregnancy. Rita Agibalova secretly married

      Fans, though late in the day, but was quick to congratulate the couple with the anniversary. They were somewhat surprised that parents of spouses are not reminded them of this important date. “Congratulations. I wish you happiness, love to the family always enjoyed the trust, mutual understanding, respect and of course love,” “Here I liked Pasha immediately on the “House-2”. As soon as it came, I thought, “Someone will get lucky with a guy!” This lottery was won by Rita. Love you too!” “I congratulate and sincerely wish you all the best in life, fulfillment of all his plans, let you all luck! You and your husband make a beautiful couple, you have a wonderful family, Mitya and Bella especially lovely. Always stay the same glowing love and happiness, Margaret!” – wrote fans Agibalova.