Муж Лолиты оказывает знаки внимания красивым девушкам в Сети Dimitri ignores her husband in Instagram. As told to Lolita, the husband often puts “likes” other girls, and its publication does not mark. It is justified to Milavskaya for his behavior.

Lolita is one of the most popular stars of the Russian platform. The singer goes on tour, sings and always happy to communicate with fans on social networks. The artist has mastered Instagram and often speaks there about his emotions towards a particular event. Her husband Dimitri is watching the updates on her microblog, however, is not kind to wife “likes.” The actress explained that her husband was pleased with these attentions other women.

“He signed me on Instagram, but never even puts the huskies. Fans I convey that pretty girls hearts, he said. I ask: “Dima, how so?” Answers: “you Know, my job is to train people. I’m not just pretty girls encouraged, and those who are actually engaged in physical exertion as opposed to you. When you see the development, why would I not celebrate this?” – shared of Lolita.

The actress claims that her husband failed to teach her to exercise regularly. According to the singer, she often want to relax after the concerts, lying on the sofa and enjoying a delicious meal.

“I never thought about diets. Can press, if you have important shooting, but to go crazy not going to eat by the clock or count calories. Basically limiting yourself on the road when eating only once a day. I practice it for a long time. The fact that it’s hard for me to sing on a full stomach, so the last meal four hours before the concert, and after him no longer want anything at all. Drink a liter of milk, sleeping pill and I’m off until the next day. But if I’m not home. Home can still a piece of bacon to go cut some bread. Like a mouse in the refrigerator to rummage around and find all forbidden,” – said the IBA.

Lolita happy with Dmitry eight years of marriage. Their relationship was going through a difficult period. Sometimes, the star was seriously worried that the young husband would leave her.

“Despite the fact that we were fighting three sheets and fought to the death. Sometimes thought back home, and Dima gathered her things. Thank God, he’s cooler than me, wiser, seasoned and quickly departs. Understand that I have a character with which are all very hard. Even me,” said Lo in an interview with “Antenna-Telesem”.