Husband of Ksenia Novikova returned to his former wife

Муж Ксении Новиковой вернулся к бывшей супруге Another married the former soloist of group “Brilliant” failed: the singer on the verge of divorce with businessman Aleksey Sorokin, married which was released in October of 2015.
Муж Ксении Новиковой вернулся к бывшей супруге

In the life of Ksenia Novikova big changes are coming. About a month ago, she officially confirmed that it returned to “Brilliant”. Now it became known that the actress is going to break up with her husband.

The singer prefers not to wash dirty linen in public and not responding to numerous questions regarding her personal life. But a friend of Ksenia Elena said “StarHit” that on the personal front Novikova has been not the most pleasant change.

“He behaves abominably, – shares with “StarHit” the friend Novikova Elena. – Recently had a fight with Xenia and returned to live with his ex-wife Tatiana – the more he has nowhere to go. But that’s not all: recently went to rest with another girlfriend and her son. And he covered friends like they were with the company”
Муж Ксении Новиковой вернулся к бывшей супруге

Ksenia in the course of the adventures of the faithful, but the statement on divorce has not yet filed, though, and deleted all pictures from social networks. Recall, the novel at Novikova and Sorokin began when he was still married to the same Tatiana. Woman for a long time did not even know that her life partner relationship with a celebrity.

“Even then he advised that she not contact him, – Elena continues. – It is clear that the person dishonestly: cheating several children from previous unions are not financially supported. And how to help: in monetary terms from don Giovanni are all very sad. But she fell in love… besides Alex easily found a common language with the children of Susie, she is bribed”

The failed relationship with Sorokin – not the first experience of 38-year-old singer. From 2006 to 2011 the star was in a civil marriage with Andrey Sereda, with whom she had two boys, Myron and Bogdan. After breaking up a pair of long divided children, Sereda even kidnapped them and hid in London. As a result of the Xenia still managed to win the right to educate heirs. Now the ex-spouse takes no part in the life of the offspring.