Муж Ксении Бородиной: «Скоро наша семья станет больше» The husband of TV presenter told “StarHit” about the first daughter, tradition and the construction of the house. Kurban Omarov said that after he moved out of the city their life changed for the better. Every night they spend together watching movies, and in the morning the whole family waits for a special Breakfast from Xenia.

      Муж Ксении Бородиной: «Скоро наша семья станет больше»

      Past 2016 it was a tough year for Ksenia and Kurban. After the spring of the personal life of a TV presenter and her husband became the subject of public discussion, the couple decided to escape from the prying eyes of the city, to arrange a world in which there are only friends.

      I remember once talking with Mary and she insisted that she was a city resident and it will never get to the village. How did you manage?
      Муж Ксении Бородиной: «Скоро наша семья станет больше»Yes, there was a song: “I’m the city! You home I want to plant?!” And now can not imagine life without fresh air. The house we rent, to buy their own there was no time – the decision to move took just three days. Quickly looked at the proposal and by the end of the week moved to cottage village in the area of Nikolina Gora. It’s a pity only that to the former site of “House-2” can be reached within a ten minute drive away and the new place an hour and a half by car. —
      Ksyusha hard to spend so much time on the road?
      Муж Ксении Бородиной: «Скоро наша семья станет больше»No, it kicks. Gets up early to cook your special Breakfast. We have a tradition – in the mornings there are Italian eggs, sausages, different kinds of sausage. Ksenia for a long time lived in the home of pizza and brought the recipe for this amazing dish.
      Муж Ксении Бородиной: «Скоро наша семья станет больше»
      What other traditions do you have?
      Муж Ксении Бородиной: «Скоро наша семья станет больше»Evening cinema. Put the kids to bed, climb in the bedroom, buy the movie online and watch together. Militants and fiction from us once a year, and in the daily menu, something romantic, about love… Xenia says: “Yesterday you chose. So, today I am.” I tell you a secret: she tells it every day. The cunning scheme of the wife is to ask: “Can we watch this?” and to my answer: “Come on.” And it is then that I chose. Play along, because I don’t care under what movie to go to sleep. The last series that we both liked, “Narcos” with Pablo Escobar, and full meter – “Earthquake”, the film is so impressed with her that our She-flint cried. The napkins went.

      Wider circle

      I agree, a big house – a big problem?
      Муж Ксении Бородиной: «Скоро наша семья станет больше»I do not agree, the main thing – the proper organization. Xenia as any woman creates comfort, and I provide it. We have two nannies, they recently took an assistant – he’s the gardener, but still monitoring the whole routine from payment of utilities to the technical condition of the house. I found him through the Internet. In General, we all revolves around a little daughter, she’s our commander in chief.—
      Tied up in knots from parents?
      Муж Ксении Бородиной: «Скоро наша семья станет больше»Of course. Mom calling for lunch or sitting with a spoonful of porridge, and Theon in my arms pointing where to take her… I bear, and my mother scolds me because for Thea to be angry she can’t. I have to pretend not to hear. By the way, on the division of responsibilities: Kushina task – to feed and mine to hop on one foot to eat.—
      What is the first word said?
      Муж Ксении Бородиной: «Скоро наша семья станет больше»International “Mapa” – a mixture of “mom” and “dad.” Catered to all. Now calls Marusya – “UNL”, Omar – “Omae”. And, of course, “give”.—
      Already walking?
      Муж Ксении Бородиной: «Скоро наша семья станет больше»Yes, and kisses, and hugs. My daughter routine is: wakes up, runs to the first floor to the refrigerator, and on it hangs a picture of us together. She calls everyone by name, and kissing. Roll call carried and other things to do. The latest achievement was from all the running. Looks tricky – and let tear! Mom plays along: “okay, I’ll catch up!”
      Муж Ксении Бородиной: «Скоро наша семья станет больше»
      Much different raising a girl from raising a boy?
      Муж Ксении Бородиной: «Скоро наша семья станет больше»Raising a son is easier: “stick in the mud” and then with the love and affection explained everything. And with the baby talking is impossible, we just do whatever she asks. Only here until rabbit is not allowed to squeeze – unhygienic.—
      But Maroussia and Omar do not depart from eared…
      Муж Ксении Бородиной: «Скоро наша семья станет больше»Soon we’ll have other Pets, She dreams about Sharpay, she wants our family even more. Explains: “When I was little I wasn’t allowed to have animals, and I said I will grow and will lead all who want to…” In the course she now undertook the execution of this plan. Like a big house, all fit – not sorry.—
      And his own house not want?
      Муж Ксении Бородиной: «Скоро наша семья станет больше»So we build. Just not a quick process. But I spoke about the sale with the owner of the cottage where we now live. He is willing to sell. However, walking around the neighborhood, we noticed two more, so are in the process of selection.—
      That is from the village is here?
      Муж Ксении Бородиной: «Скоро наша семья станет больше»We are here for good. Developed infrastructure: shops, gym. You know, with age I came to the conclusion that the budget is sports. Half an hour on the treadmill – and you are the happiest in the world. Now I go away to training for Boxing, so I rarely get there. Go to a local hall in the neighborhood. Without physical can’t. It’s like morning coffee… like scrambled eggs from Susie. She, incidentally, is also an athlete! If necessary, in the mountain run and I’ll carry.—
      What winter sports have mastered your athlete?
      Муж Ксении Бородиной: «Скоро наша семья станет больше»Xenia we have snowboarder. Actually, when we went to Dombay, three times up into the mountains, and She only ate at the restaurant while enjoying the beautiful view, so I haven’t seen it dissected slopes… But she’s a snowboarder! We all have masks, in December bought. However, the “bottom” is not acquired, so… can transform and skiers.—
      And in Santa Claus who was reincarnated? And that the children he asked?
      Муж Ксении Бородиной: «Скоро наша семья станет больше»They have the most intelligent and educated. Ask for nothing, just a hint. Omar just casually says: “Oh, one boy that is presented! So cool! But I don’t… don’t.” And on New year we visited Santa Claus from Lapland, however, a little bit like me was, and Snegurochka – Sergei Pintara. It was our first big holiday in the big house. The table was excellent: Turkey, salad and several types of fish, lots of sweets for the kids. The next morning there was so much food, put it in containers, distributed to guests. And they themselves drove to the airport, flew to rest.

      Unemployed happiness

      Муж Ксении Бородиной: «Скоро наша семья станет больше»
      I remember last year you were going to visit your mother in Canada. Why not implement a plan?
      Муж Ксении Бородиной: «Скоро наша семья станет больше»There difficult to obtain visas, and we have a crowd of five people, and even two nannies who are traveling with us. Therefore, relatives coming to us. And yet all the time we communicate via video. Grandma and grandpa follow every step in the development of Teona. The little girl waving them, sending kisses, chatting something. Can’t say she learns them, rather just doing what we ask, if only from her behind. And runs faster to their toys. So many of them! The whole house was flooded. Yes there doll – her closet is bigger than mine.—
      Probably from Marousi had a lot of dresses?
      Муж Ксении Бородиной: «Скоро наша семья станет больше»Only outerwear. And it is sporadic. Our mother is meticulous, believes that everyone should be all his own. When children grow up, we give stuff to the orphanage or friends.—
      After the birth of Thea bought the monitor and watched it online… still use it?
      Муж Ксении Бородиной: «Скоро наша семья станет больше»Yes, periodically. My goal is to ensure the safety of the family.
      But Susie only 7.5 million instagram followers! Surely there is not quite healthy people. How do you expose it?
      Муж Ксении Бородиной: «Скоро наша семья станет больше»We conduct an intelligible conversation with Xenia on this topic. There are people who help us: from security Service of Russia to our good friends. Everything is under control. Of course, anything can happen. Recently walked through the city, the wife scarf on his nose pulled, hood wearing, but she still learned. Ran for us, I said politely, asked not to be disturbed, but words could not explain. Had clarity to indicate its position.—
      In matters of business She consults with you?
      Wife to business more creatively, developing a collection for the brand Bang-Bang Borodina herself, and I for clothing store SKANDAЛ draws the design team. During the year I studied this business, so sometimes Ksenia answer any questions. But in General, entering the house, we stop talking about work. It’s our taboo.