Husband of Kira Plastinina supported it after the bankruptcy

Муж Киры Пластининой поддержал ее после банкротства One of the most talked about brides of the year for the first time openly talked about his favorite person. As it turned out, Kira had an affair with his best friend. American Trey Valette familiar with the designer for more than ten years.

      Муж Киры Пластининой поддержал ее после банкротства

      At the end of January it became known that Kira Plastinina staged a luxurious wedding ceremony abroad. At the celebration, held in Mexico, was attended by friends of the newlyweds, parents and other people close to them. Kira and her chosen one, an American businessman Trey Valletta, managed to collect friends from a few cities: Moscow, new York and Dallas.

      Kira rolled her days-long marriage

      Until recently Plastinina chose not to share with the public the details of his personal life. The girl did not tell how she met her future husband, and concealed, how long was their affair. However, in the days of Cyrus broke a long silence and for the first time shared details of the relationship with the entrepreneur.

      “Trey and I have known for over 11 years he studied in the Anglo-American school in Moscow. First, just friends, and 8 years ago started Dating,” admitted Plastinina.

      Kira also openly talked about the fact that Trey has always supported her, even in the most difficult situations. The future husband did not leave the Plastinina in those hard moments when she was worried about his own brand. The wallet was shared with the beloved all the emotions that she experienced while building a business Empire.

      “From the earliest days of our friendship I felt that this was a very special person in my life. But to understand what place he will take, it took time. I had a eventful and emotions of youth, and our strong relationships helped me a lot,” shared Kiera.

      Apparently, Trey Valette became that person whose love helped the designer to recover from a major failure in entrepreneurship. In August of last year it became known that the company is the successor of the founder “Vimm-the bill-Dann” preparing for bankruptcy. General Director of “Kira Plastinina style” Igor Mukhachev told reporters that the accounts of the organization were arrested, and its total debt is the amount of 500 million rubles. The man said that problem was a long time, but Sergei Plastinin has long covered the losses, and in 2015 stopped, apparently relying on the self-sufficiency of brand daughter.

      However, the heir of the businessman has no plans to become an exemplary housewife. At the moment she works as a teacher in one of the American universities and teaches a course dedicated to fashion business. Kira Plastinina is in no hurry to announce his other endeavors, but says that she has a lot of energy, so the girl just will not sit idle, according to the magazine Harper’s Bazaar.