Husband of Julia Menshovoj told as I could to save the marriage

Муж Юлии Меньшовой рассказал, как смог спасти брак The spouse of the TV presenter rarely gives interviews. However, Igor Gordin decided to communicate to journalists and admitted what he’s been through more than 20 years together with Julia Menshovoj, as well as shared what I want to do children.

Yulia Menshova and Igor Gordin happily married for over 20 years. However, between the spouses sometimes there were serious crises in the relationship. About three years ago they were on the verge of breaking up. At the time and the husband and wife had to be wise. The character of Julia is an extrovert, and Igor is an introvert, so sometimes he preferred to accumulate emotions and not to talk about my feelings.

“It was a tough experience indeed. But it helped somehow to look at the situation in the family and begin to appreciate relationships, every minute spent together. When you lose, you realize the value of the loss. It’s been ten years, time smoothed”, – said Igor.

According to the wife Menshovoj, at any relationship to work. To his marriage with Julia was the first. Recalls Gordin, he married quite late, so was already a Mature man, who did not have youthful maximalism. However, to adapt to the wife it was very difficult.

“The only thing I can tell you, marriage requires effort, mental work. Sometimes you have yourself a little prejudice, to give, to take, to help. One can not demand attention,” says the actor.

Yuliya Menshova is a very popular TV presenter and actress. Igor understood that his wife always pay attention to other men, but he is not inclined to be jealous. In his opinion, the feeling is too strong, therefore when it off the head. In most cases the actor were in control, but there were flashes of anger.

“Remember, when a schoolboy was, the street had to fend off several people who attacked me. I’m a decent response they gave. Except that I’m an introvert, I’m still a Taurus, and if I have a very long experience, will explode — and then take it all. Tend his peace to protect, and if the accumulated irritation, before the explosion not to bring, pairs down, to Express their dissatisfaction or to sneer at the situation to a critical point not reached”, – said Gordin.

Igor and Yulia growing son Andrew and daughter Taisiya. The guy went in the footsteps of his parents and studies at the acting Department. “The daughter is not yet formed, her adolescence. In the acting side it is not very looking. Rather, we will direct it toward journalism. From Julia her ability to formulate ideas and write. From me — persistence in achieving goals. Sleep does not lie, yet the lessons are not learned. I’ve always tried to do everything in advance, leave nothing for later. Andrew wasn’t. But with these gadgets so difficult for children to take something serious. Now from Taci is required to at least read”, – told about the education of her daughter Igor in an interview with “Atmosphere”.