Husband of Julia Menshovoj afraid of her questioning

Супруг Юлии Меньшовой боится ее расспросов The actor does not risk to meet with his wife under a sight of cameras. Igor Gordin favourite watches the program “Alone with all”, but he would not want to be the heroes of her Studio. According to the man, he fears talking about the family.

      TV presenter Julia Menshov and actor Igor Gordin lived together for 20 years. Over the years, their family life, anything happened. Spouses had to go through a crisis about fifteen years ago, but now they are enjoying every moment you spend together. About a month ago, they traveled to Latvia, where well rested.

      Igor Gordin monitors the projects of his wife, and watches the program “Alone with all”, which is the leading Menchov. During the program the journalist asks, who came from the stars the tough questions about his personal life and work, thereby, at times, revealing the real mystery came in the Studio celebrities. As it turned out, the husband leading never dare to accept her invitation and be among the guests of the program.

      “Come, Julia, and uncover the secrets of family life? Hmm… I’m not very fond of talking about his personal life. Perhaps if she asked, I would refuse. And she’s a good journalist will dig up something I don’t know. Interesting will be the finale of the program”, – said Igor.

      By the way, Menchov and Gordin was going through relationship problems when was born their daughter Taisiya. “Psychologists say that seven years after the wedding, begins the crisis, that we had the same thing. The children were left to live with Julia, and I left. But we didn’t stop to chat, son and daughter brought us together, the four of us went to rest.” According to Igor, they lived together for three years, and then he initiated a family reunion. “I said, “Julia, let’s try again?” She agreed, and we agreed. It turned out that we unwittingly repeated the fate of Faith V. and Vladimir Valentinovich,” said the actor.

      The famous couple has two children. Eldest son Andrew continued the work of parents. He is studying at the Moscow art Theater on a speciality “actor’s art”. 13-year-old daughter Menshovoj and Gordin still going to school. Parents try to teach heirs from an early age to understand how hard it is to get the money.

      “There are no special there are no taboos. But I can say for sure that we are not spoiling them. Limited pocket money that children are valued earned,” shared Gordin with journalists