Мужа Ирины Печерниковой едва не похоронили как бомжа The actress came to the Studio of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Korchevnikov on the TV channel “Russia 1”. Pechernikova told about how he broke up with second husband Boris Galkin. The actress also revealed details of the death of a third husband, Alexander Solovyov.
Мужа Ирины Печерниковой едва не похоронили как бомжа

Irina Pechernikova (“Live till Monday”, “Two captain”) got married three times. The first husband of the actress became a Polish musician Zbigniew Bizon. The marriage did not last long, soon the couple broke up.

Then Pechernikova met the famous actor Boris Galkin. He was married, but left his wife and went to Irina. The actress admitted that didn’t want to destroy the family, but the feelings were stronger. She soon learned: in the family Galkina tragedy in wedlock the actor died heir. “They died a child was born small and died. But I found out later, he was asked not to speak on this subject,” shared the actress.

Pechernikova believes that a second Union with Galkin was a mistake, which she then for a long time spared. The actors could not get along together parted.

“Still, I was not a girl, but a woman with experience. Yes, we were in love, everything is wonderful, beautiful. Lovely person, wrote poems, with a guitar singing… We still broke up. As we joined the profession, and parted”, – said Pechernikova.

In 90-e years, Irina was in a protracted creative crisis. The actress nearly starred in the movie and did not get roles in theater. In the end, addicted to alcohol. But Pechernikova was able to cope, she went to the clinic. It was there that the artist met his third love Alexander Solovyov. As told Pechernikova, she fell in love, namely love. However, the actor was married, his grown son. Irina did not keep Alexander and released, the man remained with his wife. And eight years later he called her, and said: your son is already enrolled in the institution, the girl found himself. The actor has offered to try to come together again, and Irina agreed.

“He came to my house and left. We did not build anything, just finally were together for eight years, has accumulated so much! We were supposed to be together. He was a very bright, kind and talented. Had a fight, I think once, don’t even remember what it was about. In 51 years I married him, we lived three years and three months…” – remembered Irina.

The happiness of the actors was short-lived. At the end of 1999, Soloviev did not. His death is still shrouded in mystery. 25 Dec Alexander left home on the play to friends, and more he did not return home.

“I started calling hospitals, morgues, but I still tried to persuade: “Sashka can meet the pilot and fly to the North pole! To you a gift to bring!” Yes, he really was such a…” – said Irina.
Мужа Ирины Печерниковой едва не похоронили как бомжа

After ten days of fruitless searching Pechernikova found the body of her husband. In the morgue. Beginning in 2000, the actress does not remember, from-for endured stress.

Irina called the police and reported that the police found a passer-by who fell and hit his head. They decided to take him to the hospital, where he died. The widow came to the office, she was given the possessions of the deceased spouse. “He left in a leather tank top, he liked her to wear, there were a lot of pockets, they were the documents, certificates. And when I gave his stuff, this tank was not. Sasha was listed in the unidentified… They were hoping to bury him as a Vagabond, without a name,” said Pechernikova.

As admitted Irina, a few years after the death of the famous wife, she could not recover. At this time, the actress lived in the country alone, rescued her silence, fresh air and Apple-trees, which resembled about Alexander Ivanovich. The artist was born into an Orthodox holiday, to save Apple.

Pechernikova told that relations with the mother of the deceased spouse. They sometimes call up. “I am the first few years where she’s been. I closed… Sasha’s mom is now such a big family. My brother has three children, grandchildren went…” – said Irina.