Муж Ирины Нельсон носит ее на руках Photo pool of the spouses has caused the admiration of fans. They do not get tired to surprise the family idyll of the couple. Irene Nelson and Vyacheslav Tyurin have been together for over 20 years and literally glow from happiness, being next to each other.

      The soloist of the group Reflex Irina Nelson for 20 years of happy family life together with her lover Vyacheslav Tyurin. The couple hardly ever parted – elect of the singer writes songs for the group Reflex.

      Big girl going up

      Irina shared a touching family photo. In the microblog actress posted a photo in the pool. Spouse of the singer holding her in his arms while in the water.

      “My ideal Monday”, signed romantic scenes Irina.

      Fans admire the perfect relationship Nelson and Turin. They noted that the singer and the composer literally glow from happiness, being next to each other. Fans were quick to comment on the publication of a celebrity. “Happy”, “Such great, sincere, real!, “What a nice picture!” – wrote papistically stars.

      Harmonious family life helps the couple to achieve success in work. However, there was a time when Irene was too tired from working on stage. “We Thank the two were carrying the Reflex project, the entire creative cycle. Producers, writers, editors, stylists. And I’m exhausted, was completely de-energized. Not that the music, even talk of show business could not hear. Flew to Dubai in a few months in peace and quiet, I recovered. After meeting with one of the producers of U2, endorsing our stuff to the new drive Sunrise, decided to go to America to work,” said “StarHit” Nelson.

      After Nelson rested a little, she again had the strength and desire to continue to give their fans memorable performances. Spouse surprised by the abilities of his beloved and is ready for her to abandon your goals.

      “She is a tremendous worker. I call it “Going up”. She moved me. The only case of “disney” – to work there was my cherished dream. But come home, and my wife is crying. I had to leave back home. There Days different cities, Irene at the piano, sings in English Sunrise. The audience explodes! Happy run to the radio show there are pictures of the shelves of the American store – you see, here is a DVD of Michael Jackson and standing next to Irene Nelson. She took 12th place in the combined national chart! Ahead Of Rihanna, Beyoncé!” – has told Tyurin.

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