Мужа известной гандболистки Дарьи Городиловой винят в ее смерти It is assumed that the athlete had committed suicide due to severe relations with her husband. Friends remember, how was family life Daria Gorodilovo Sergei Stephantom.
Мужа известной гандболистки Дарьи Городиловой винят в ее смерти

24-year-old handball Daria Gorodilova jumped off the bridge and died on the spot. She became a champion of Russia in 2015, playing for the women’s team of the Kuban state agrarian University.

“We with Dasha crossed often but were not considered friends Heard she had problems with her husband. He allegedly told her to play sports, was not allowed out of the house. But I saw Dasha at the sports Palace – she judged the matches of the Ukrainian championship in handball. And the kids start to train,” said the Olympic champion in 2016 Anne Canopy.

Daria is married to Sergey Stepanets in 2017. In the social network, she shared the joyful moments with the celebration. Shortly before the wedding, they had a disorder. At the bachelor party the groom had been drinking and was acting inappropriately, so the bride thought to cancel the marriage. However, she was convinced.

The couple lived in Maykop, the birthplace of Sergei. Close girl friends told me that her husband wanted her to stay at home. Also he didn’t like that she continued to engage in professional sports.

“The husband immediately made it clear that now Dasha is his property. He forbade her to train and declared, with the sport done in shorts and t-shirt you will not see more than one man! Without the permission of Sergei Dasha even the store couldn’t go. On 22 November she had a birthday. We Dasha could hardly recognize. Face tear-stained, eyes tired. It turned out that the husband again made scandal. She lived as in a cage. When Dora broke in Krasnodar (she attended at the University), it was a breath of fresh air. Even then, she had thought about divorce. To return to Maikop to her husband she didn’t want. Sergei constantly called and threatened. Said that it will release all her guts, if she will not budge. Then changed tactics and asked for forgiveness, begged to come back. And Daria had to listen to him,” said one of the friends of handball players wished not to disclose his name.
Мужа известной гандболистки Дарьи Городиловой винят в ее смерти

Recently athlete was very nervous. In January, parents of Dashi called friends of Sergei and recommended to take her to Krasnodar. Vladimir Gorodilov saw her daughter in a depressed state. She was crying without a break and could not calm down. In Krasnodar Dasha was in the hospital with a diagnosis of toxic hepatitis. The husband visited the girl only once, and some friends and is told about her death.

After discharge from the hospital Darya had another meeting with my husband. Sergei yelled at her, pointing to the person any documents. On the morning after the incident, the girl left home under the pretext of meeting a friend. But in fact, she climbed up onto North bridge and decided to commit suicide.

As it became known “Express newspaper”, husband of Dashi suspected that it drove her to suicide. Sergei didn’t even go to the funeral of his wife. If it is proved that Stepanets in involved in handball players, it can give up to five years in prison.