Муж Эвелины Бледанс оказался на грани истощения
Appearance wife was horrified fans of the artist.

Evelina Bledans with her husband Alexander and son of Simon

Photo: @Instagram bledans Evelina Bledans

Husband of Evelina Bledans is an example for many to follow. Husband artist Alexander devotes much time to his solar son Simon to go with him to the pool and special classes, and with lots of imagination suitable for joint leisure. Methods of education Seeds which applies Alexander, delight many users of the Network. Recently, however, blessed Evelyn was seriously scared fans…

The fact that in social networks there was a family portrait Bledans, which forced fans to be terrified. As you know, some time ago Alexander noticeably fit. But the head of the star family on this one, as it turned out, did not stop. He continued to lose weight and has gained due to this painful form. Exhausted, the figure of Alexander, which he demonstrated on the new photo, is seriously concerned about the fans.

“What about the husband? Something Papa Sasha is fading away…”, “Need to eat enough to lose weight!”, “It’s already on the verge of anorexia… Maybe it’s time to see a doctor?” write scared fans Bledans.

Incidentally, some time ago, Evelyn has hinted that the transformation of Alexander really was related to his health problems.