Муж Эвелины Бледанс рассказал о том,как родня приняла его сына The international day of people with down syndrome the Director shared personal. Alexander Semin and Evelina Bledans three years are parents to “Sunny” kid.

      Муж Эвелины Бледанс рассказал о том,как родня приняла его сына

      Today is world day of people with down syndrome, and this is another reason to remember that among us are special people who need support and love. Brave and strong spirit of Evelina Bledans and Alexander Syomin three years ago I became the proud parents of Seeds, “Sunny” kid, as they call children with down syndrome. Every day they demonstrate hundreds of thousands of fans a bright example of charity and unconditional love.

      It is noteworthy that the stars are not alone pass this way, a number of them have understanding friends, you can rely on. Alexander Semin said that his family immediately took the baby and now takes an active part in his upbringing.

      Husband of Evelina Bledans told about a special love for son

      “My parents were speech pathologists at the children’s house, so mom warned us, told about the possible consequences and living with such a child. But against it was – as any truly loving mother, she took our decision sincerely, – says Alexander. – Moreover, within a month after Sam was born, mother signed up for a refresher course in “downside Up” and went through the city. And now she’s doing videos for our website that deals with news and photos in “Instagram” helps us with semen”.

      It is worth noting that Semin copes with the role of the Pope. This is evidenced by the Director’s microblog in Instagram, which he leads on behalf of the son. The birth of the “sun” of the child in such a famous family helped to prove to others that it’s not scary. According to Alexander, Sam is developing on par with other kids. In addition, the couple can proudly state that thanks to their example in the country has decreased the number of abortions and abandoned children with disabilities.

      “Twice a year we meet with families who are reading us, and very often see children who survived thanks to our “Instagram”: mothers explicitly say that in moments of uncertainty look up our pages, and the fear receded – they understood that looking at our This that he is normal, kind, funny, sometimes naughty, but the same kid as the other. We try to tell about it, so the people ceased to be afraid of the phrase “down’s syndrome” — and gave birth, no matter what! And this requires inner spiritual immune system”, – says the Director in an interview with the website “Miloserdie”.

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