Husband of Dr. Lisa can not come to terms with her loss

Муж Доктора Лизы не может смириться с ее утратой Gleb Glinka and Ksenia Sokolova shared memories about the deceased human rights activist. For memories of loved ones Dr. Lisa, she could be different. The environment is a public figure admired her courage and desire to help others.
Муж Доктора Лизы не может смириться с ее утратой

Attorney Gleb Glinka, the husband who died tragically in asiakastieto Dr. Lisa, recently became the hero of the program “Alone with all”. Along with the man with the Studio appeared journalist Ksenia Sokolova, who headed the Fund “Fair use” after the death of human rights activist. In a live TV show people close to Elizaveta Glinka shared their memories about her.

Adopted son of the deceased Elizabeth Glinka: “She gave me love”

“It was impossible to stop. I thought about it and tried to understand in hindsight, was there anything I could do to keep her… I have tried all methods of influence, but it was her way, and she passed,” said Sokolov.
Муж Доктора Лизы не может смириться с ее утратой

According to a friend Doctor Liza, she could not reconcile with the cruelty of the world and believe that love can still win. “I would like to know the largest possible number of people. If these people would come into the world more, then we all would have been well, we would be able to overcome the shortage of resources. I am convinced that people should be so”, – said Sokolov.

Host of the program Yulia Menshova asked Gleb Glinka to add something to the answer of the friend of Elizabeth. The man was unable to restrain his emotions. His eyes were filled with tears.

“I’m still waiting when she’ll be back,” said Gleb Glinka.
Муж Доктора Лизы не может смириться с ее утратой

In the program also showed an interview with Foundation Board member Dr. Lisa Natalia Avilova’s. Her first meeting with the social worker took place in 2009. “I had a pretty good career, I worked in the Federation Council, where we met with Elizabeth. Met with her tonight At 5:30 in the morning she called me and said, “Natasha, I have at the door of the house is homeless. The ambulance takes him to the hospital. Natasha do something.” And I fell in love with her, it was love at first sight. It was my man,” recalled Avilov.

People close to Elizaveta Glinka noted that she could be tough, but never too far. “She couldn’t hate people. She hated death,” said the husband pravozashchitnitsa. Ksenia Sokolova agreed with his point of view. “Dr. Lisa too had moments of weakness”: a close about Elizabeth Glinka

“She was so compassionate people that didn’t understand the lack of compassion from God… she hated war because it’s not just God and people, which was, from her point of view, to protect each other and make tolerable their difficult stay in this world. And it was her enemies – death and war. She really was a little don Quixote. She went and tried to defeat those things that don’t fit into her concept,” said the woman.