Муж Дианы Шурыгиной рассказал о ссорах с женой Andrew Slamin for the first time admitted how often clarifies the relationship with the second half. According to the videographer, Diana Shurygina sometimes behaves childish and raises his voice. At such moments he has to take the initiative in their hands and transfer dispute with the chosen one in a positive direction.
Муж Дианы Шурыгиной рассказал о ссорах с женой

30-year-old Andrew Clanin, husband of Diana Shurygina for the first time gave an interview to journalists. Young people legitimized the relationship in October of last year. First, the lovers went to the registry office, and in the evening they were treated to a celebratory dinner in one of restaurants of Moscow. All this time Andrey has preferred to refrain from communicating with the press, however, recently broke the silence and talked about the relationship with his wife.

According to Andrew, in some moments Diana was still a child. “Tantrums, whims, but I think it will take two to three years,” he said. Slamin considers himself a calm person who knows how to settle a family quarrel.

“Light me immediately it fails. I’m usually somewhere srulivaet, trying not to engage in dialogue, because everything turns into a scream and I don’t like. The Diana – a big fan to prove his innocence and to challenge ridiculous opinions of others. So it became infamous. And at home everything is basically normal. The Diana I can get easily, I added everything in a positive manner, so can it and podstelit. But she sometimes jokes are not understood and immediately start,” admitted the husband of the star of the TV show.
Муж Дианы Шурыгиной рассказал о ссорах с женой

Clanin remembered that once his wife threw clothes. “Utensils and knives, thank God, it does not throw”, – he shared. Husband of Shurygino doesn’t think that she has not done that already. According to Andrew, Diana goes clubbing, so he has nothing to worry about.

His wife Diana is considered ideal. Clanin said that they always can talk to her about anything.

“She said, “I was looking for the same as you – not rich, not poor, normal, good guy.” We have a lot of shared and non-shared,” shared Andrew.

Shurygina does not like to leave your contact information to other people. Therefore Slanina had to assume the duties of its representative. Such work is not easy on the operator. When reporters want to arrange an interview with Diana, call Andrew, sends Super.

By the way, some time Shurygina became a singer. Premiere the debut song of Diana was held in April in one of capital restaurants. The girl came on the scene, along with partner Sasha Act. However, the event ended with a scandal – artists tossed chicken. The bully immediately a scuffle with the husband of Shurygino. A bad presentation is not prevented Diana continue to try himself in the music. She recently presented a Diss on Olga Buzova.