Husband of Diana Shurygina attacked the expert show Shepeleva

Муж Дианы Шурыгиной напал на эксперта шоу Шепелева This week the inhabitant of the Ulyanovsk region was found in a TV show with another member of the acclaimed events. In the broadcast of “In fact” the husband of Diana Shurygina hit the guy who slept with her on that fateful night. The chosen girl explained to reporters the reasons for his action.
Муж Дианы Шурыгиной напал на эксперта шоу Шепелева

The big story of the rape of a minor resident of the Ulyanovsk region Shurygino Diana once again became the focus of public attention. The girl is flooded with offers to participate in the filming of the TV show, and all because of the fact that the convicted of a crime Sergey Semenov was released. Recently, Diana and the other member parties of the resonant Alexander Rohlin met with Dmitry Shepelev. Young people have been tested on the lie detector.

The broadcast of “actually” remembered by the audience not because of the sensational revelations of the characters, and after the incident in the Studio. Husband of Diana Shurygina Andrew hit perespevshie with her boyfriend. Alexander Rohlin obviously did not expect such a turn. In stepped the guards, instantly roznava conflicting parties. Journalists contacted the spouse Shurygino, commented on the sensational episode. Elect Diana said he doubts the veracity of the results reached by experts of the TV show.

Husband of Diana Shurygina beat perespevshie with her boyfriend

“Lie on this show, it is still possible – not all questions are checked on a polygraph. And the Profiler Sabina who is this guy? What is this profession it is to detect lies? Its work in any court will not accept,” said the husband of Shurygino.
Муж Дианы Шурыгиной напал на эксперта шоу Шепелева

Alexander Rohlin, which staged confrontation, Diana, served in the army. In March 2016, he came into the room in a private house, where previously there was Sergey Semenov, according to investigators, raped a minor at the time Shurygin. “He gave me to understand that Diana was a girl of easy virtue. Not saying that she’s unconscious,” recalled Alexander on the detector. Due to alcoholic intoxication at Ruhlin failed to complete a sex act, and further examination found him a biomaterial.

As stated by Alexander, he did not commit any violent and illegal actions. At the meeting with Diana in the TV show the young man apologized to her family. Ruhlin expressed regret that they had to endure. “I have a lovely, wonderful girl. A wedding soon. I saw Diana, talked, is all the hassle. I am ashamed that I behaved that made a similar situation”, – said the participant of the famous parties in the Ulyanovsk region.

Released Sergey Semenov’s locked in his home village

However, the husband of Diana Shurygina expressed doubts about the veracity of his claims. According to Andrew operator, Ruhlin distorted reality. That is why the choice of Diana and attacked him in the program. “That fuckin’ guy is slow and arrogant talk, did not give a direct answer, mumbled and blatantly lied. I wound up and could no longer go outside and talk. I just went and looked him straight in the eye, took some shots in the face,” said the husband of Shurygino in a recent interview