Husband of Catherine Volkova saved her from shame

Муж Екатерины Волковой спас ее от позора
The actress spoke about the incident, which allowed her to obtain new outfits.

Ekaterina Volkova with her husband Andrew and daughter

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

Ekaterina Volkova,
appearing at the opening of the skating rink with her daughter Lisa and husband Andrew
Karpov, delighted the guests well-chosen outfit for skiing
on the ice. But as it turned out, interesting family-look (mother and daughter were dressed in similar outfits) was not more than

The actress is always very carefully chooses
clothes for an event, both for themselves and for members of their
family. So going to Red Square, the star of “Voronin” and bright
dressed herself and chose fashionable clothes for her husband and beloved Gusty. But when
friendly family parked the car near the Gum, hurried to the door, Lisa,
accidentally hitting something sharp that ripped his beautiful coat.

“Parking licker
accidentally caught the jacket on something, — says the star “Voronin”. —
Thought everything was covered with our skating! But the opening of the skating rink — one of the favorite
us events! We love and look forward to this event every year, so adorable
skating. And to start the next season just on the red square
a special thrill. So Lisa, of course, upset. But our Prince in the face
Pope and her husband once again saved us, deciding all questions. In a minute we already
was in a fashion boutique, where you chose a cool Romper for my daughter. For me
the generosity of the Andrew also supposed to get! So that opened the season. Hurrah!”.